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My SIL has a discharge from one of her nipples, What could it be?

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pepsi Sat 21-May-05 21:01:51

She has been to the doctors and is being sent for a Mammogram and this should happen in about a month I believe. Obviously its very worrying and I just cant get cancer out of my thoughts. Other than cancer what can cause discharge from a nipple? She hasnt recently given birth, her children are 8 and 6. The doctor didnt think it was anything serious, apparently, but was sending her for a mammogram just as a precaution.

Aragon Sat 21-May-05 21:17:26

Hi pepsi,

I've heard about this happening before - most recently to a middle aged neighbour who had blood and discharge from her nipple. Turned out to be an inflammation of one of her milk ducts but she needed a mammogram too. I suspect they are just being cautious and anything like this should be investigated but nine times out of ten it's not cancer and hopefully once she's had the mammogram they'll be able to tell her the same.

pepsi Sat 21-May-05 21:30:25

Thats reassuring, thanks.

pepsi Sun 22-May-05 20:13:57

Just been speaking to SIL and she said she has had this discharge for 6-7 months along with puckering and some pain. Does this still sound like inflamation in a milk duct?

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