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Been bitten on my calf by an unidentified insect over a week ago - bad reaction - help!

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DrZeus Wed 15-Jul-09 17:04:34

I was bitten on my calf by something a week and a half ago. I've got a red circle about 3" by 2" where the bite/sting was. It's unbelievable itchy and hot to touch. I've tried Anthisan. I've tried Piriton but that's making me feel awful. I've now got hydrocortisone from the pharmacy but that's not doing a lot of good either. Earliest docs appointment is Friday pm.
Going slowly crazy with not scratching. Anyone else had anything like this?

loopylou6 Wed 15-Jul-09 20:46:14

I suffer badly with bites, keep your appointment for friday and try and grin and bare it for now, have you tried things like after bite?

It may be infected so keep an eye on the area and if it gets much worse then phone for an emergency appointment as you might have a touch of cellulitus and will need antibiotics.

Institches Wed 15-Jul-09 21:17:52


I get bites like this too. They do last ages (2+ weeks). Try Eurax cream for the itching. It really helps. You can get it in any chemist.

When the red swelling eventually goes you may be left with a small darkish hard lump where the bite was. I showed mine to the GP once & she said it was where the body had grown sort of scar tissue around the bite as a type of reaction against whatever the insect injected you with. Don't know how accurate that is. Luckily (?!) I have so many moles that a few more lumps don't show.

Hope your GP puts your mind at rest!

smartiejake Wed 15-Jul-09 22:28:01

I have been kept awake for the last few nights with some insect bites I got on Sunday. They are driving me mad and nothing medicinal particularly helps.

However I find that ice on the site really helps with the itching and helps to reduce the redness. Eurax helps a bit as does germoline.

One thing I did hear a while back was that, if you are prone to bites, taking brewers yeast tablets will keep them away ( acouple a day I think) Apparently it emits a smell through the pores and keeps repels insects. I must see if I can get some as going on hol soon where I quite often get lots of bites.

I used to give them to my dog and in 16 years he NEVER once caught fleas!

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