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muddle78 Mon 13-Jul-09 19:21:38

im 30, 17 weeks pregnant and unbelievably exhausted. this has been going on for the last 2 years but has gotten worse with pregnancy. i have been tested for everything, from suspected lymes disease to thyroid function and most reciently gestational diabetes. there is apparantly nothing wrong with me but i sleep 12 hrs + per night take a 3 hour nap in the day and walk round like a zombie. yes, its is true to say im depressed (this is the doctor's take) but wouldn't anybody feel depressed under these circumstances? anyone relate? got suggestion on what it could be? can suggest a test that i wouldnt automatically have had? im desperate, im supposed to be preparing for a baby but how the hell am i gonna survive one this tired to start with?

sleepsforwimps Tue 14-Jul-09 09:47:09

I had terrible fatigue for about 10 years due to ME. From the exhaustion you're describing maybe have a read up on ME/chronic fatigue syndrome.

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