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where can i buy canesten on a sunday?

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spod Sun 15-May-05 11:10:31

think i have thrush... need to get some canesten, but its sunday... do supermarkets sell it?

jampots Sun 15-May-05 11:11:13

there should a local chemists rota or a dispensing pharmacy in your local supermarket?

spod Sun 15-May-05 11:12:34

we live in a rural area... any open chemist will be ages away and we dont have dispensing supermarkets

BubblesDeVere Sun 15-May-05 11:13:07

Have you got a large Asda near you? or maybe tesco's.

Some places have chemists open on a sunday on rota, where are you?

jampots Sun 15-May-05 11:14:33

natural yoghurt also works incredibly well (but would use in conjunction with panty liners)

Aero Sun 15-May-05 11:16:34

I have the same problem today, but at least Boots near me is open! Sympathy!

MarsLady Sun 15-May-05 11:17:30

I think you can get it in Sainsburys, but failing that, as has been said, live yogurt. I think it goes without saying that the yogurt should be plain.

spod Sun 15-May-05 11:23:00

thanks... have sent dh out to get it! he's not amused!

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