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Anybody with experience of adult circumscision for medical reasons?

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AnonForDH Fri 19-Jun-09 12:21:51

Firstly, I have namechanged to preserve DH's privacy.

For about the last 12 months DH has been suffering from a tight foreskin. It started as a fairly irregular thing, maybe once every 6weeks and only really affected him when he had an erection (the foreskin was difficult and uncomfortable to retract). Time rolled on and it became more frequent, DH went to GP and was prescribed a steroid cream to apply. The cream worked ok when things were less severe (at this point it was like a thin ring of tightness, almost like he had an elastic band tied around him) but has proved not to be a long term solution.

We are now at the point where the foreskin is very tight and is painful to retract when he has not got an erection and impossible to retract when he has. DH thinks his meatus (his 'japs eye', if you like) is shrinking. I haven't had a look at that but it seems plausible.

DH is very reluctant to take a surgical approach, but to be honest he/we cannot go on like this and I think circumscision is the only 'fix'. We have private medical insurance and so the procedure should be performed fairly quickly from GP referral.

Anyway, now for the questions.

What is the recovery like for this sort of op? I'm assuming it is pretty straightforward and quick - is it a daycase procedure?

What are the risks (other than infection)? DH is in his 40's and is in good health.

What about aftercare? How long will he have to have dressings on the wound?

I'm assuming he will lose a degree of sensation once he has nothing to protect the head of his penis? How have you (your DH/DP) found that aspect of the op ?

Who is best to perform this procedure? I work in a medical environment and both General Surgeons and Urologists perform this procedure at my hospital. I assume a Urologist is the best because they are specialists in that area whereas Gen Surg do alsorts from colons to hernias to gallbladders!

All input appreciated.

Thanks for reading, sorry for longwinded post!

AnonForDH Fri 19-Jun-09 12:24:07

sorry, it isn't the meatus which is shrinking it is the opening at the top of his foreskin.

BCNS Fri 19-Jun-09 12:28:13

dh had this done when he was 27.
his words on this are,

recovery self dissolving stictches, one week.
sore for a day or two, after that just annoying.. until stitched go.

once stitches are out all back to normal.. sensation is highly increased and your H will have to get used to holding back when having sex for a while.

AnonForDH Fri 19-Jun-09 12:30:55

Thank you BCNS (and Mr BCNS!)

AnonForDH Fri 19-Jun-09 12:31:54

How long was he in for post-op BCNS?

BCNS Fri 19-Jun-09 12:37:12

he went in 8 in the morning and was out about 2.30pm ish. so it was a day case. off work for a week.
he says no problem.


DP had the same as your DH and finally went for the circumcision last Dec. (This was the only route available to him as he wouldn't do anything about it for a long time).

As with Mr BCNS, self dissolving stitches, slight discomfort for a few days, then massively heightened sensitivity.

He is pretty much back to normal now, although does claim reduced sensitivity around certain parts of the tip, but it works fine. wink

AnonForDH Fri 19-Jun-09 12:50:51

LOL. Thanks to you too.

I think DH is visualising alsorts of horrors. He is rubbish with anything remotely medical/health related. DS1 had the op when he was 8 for recurrent balanitis and ballooning and his post op wound looked like a dog had chewed it (eeek). I think DH is remembering that and panicking, despite it being almost 10yrs ago now!

It sounds much better than I thought actually. I knew it was straightforward but you know what it's like, you (I) end up overthinking these things.

Was it done under a local anaesthetic? DH is terrifed of GA, but I guess with it being a daycase it is unlikely to be a GA.

Yes, it was under GA.

Your DH sounds a lot like my DP. DP pondered and worried for soooooo long that circumcision was the only option left. It did look slighty chewed for a few days too!!

Sethly Wed 24-Jun-09 16:30:19

Has he considered a preputial stretch or a dorsal slit instead of a full circumcision? Ask your urologist about those, they're FAR less radical, yet equally effective alternatives.

Sethly Wed 24-Jun-09 16:37:41

As for sensitivity: its worth bearing in mind that the foreskin itself (especially the inner tissue) is an erogenous zone in itself. Certainly would suck to lose it, although by the sounds of things he's lost access to it as it is.

From my experience UK doctors are very much overly snip-happy, indeed I've encountered a rather startling amount of ignorance personally (had phimosis, cured it via the Beauge Method, something the doctors I asked for advice had never even heard of...). Most likely a hang-over from the time that that stuff was practiced non-theraputically, speaking as a historian.

So be wary, & don't assume total removal is a must.

ABetaDad Wed 24-Jun-09 16:51:09

AnonForDH - well DS2 had circumcision yesterday (he is 7) for same reasons as your DH and he is bloody and bruised today. Has to sit in a bath of warm water to wee and lots of painkillers but not horific. Should be fine by Monday and fully recovered in two weeks.

Have a friend who had it done at 35 for same reason - more painful the older you are and took a month to recover.

Do go for preputial stretch or a dorsal slit if at all possible as Sethly says. If the consltant will not consider it then get a second opinion. Quicker recovery from these than a full circumcision.

There may be a loss of sensitivity after circumcision as the glans (the penis tip) is permanently exposed and the surface becomes thickened and less sensitive as a result but much nicer and far more pleasurable than what he has now.

It has to be done otherwise sex will become impossible and he may also well end up with infections if he cannot retract the foreskin and clean properly.

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