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Men C vaccine - dodgy batch?

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Mak Fri 02-May-03 21:59:42

Has anybody heard whether there has been a dodgy batch of Men C vaccine? My friend has just been told (by HV) that her DS's vaccine was faulty and that children are being recalled- but not for some time. My DD is the the same age as her DS (2) and am concerned. Haven't heard anything in the news but am rather cynical about info supplied by Gov anyway.

Slinky Fri 02-May-03 22:02:40

I know children aged 6 months to 4 years are being recalled for a booster vaccine of Hib - but haven't heard about the Men C.

Mak Fri 02-May-03 22:08:15

Probably the same thing then. Did I miss this in the news then or am I just thick? Doesn't seem to be the same publicity as the failed single vaccines - oops there I go, told you I was cynical

Mak Fri 02-May-03 22:31:24

BTW, thanks Slinky. How come it took 31/2 years to find out there was an error? Loads of questions - Will they give another vaccine as well as the pre school booster and has any research been done into whether it's safe to give another dose? what tests have been done to clarify failed immunity?
Any further info would be gratefully appreciated, links etc.

Slinky Fri 02-May-03 23:07:33

I only found out about the repeat vaccines last week when DD2 had her Preschool boosters. The nurse informed me that DD2 would be called up again.

This is what I found after searching on Google.


Jimjams Sat 03-May-03 08:35:39

Mak - a little further down the health topic there is a thread on hib recall. I've put some links in there.

It always takes at least this long to find out if there's a problem as they only trial vaccines for such a short period of time.

I wouldn't worry too much about the risk to a 2 year old from menigitis c- even if the vaccine didn't work- teenagers are the risk group for c - strain.

izzle Sat 03-May-03 22:23:15

Took DS (2) for development check and was told Men c vaccine wasn't sufficient to cover DS for long (due to now doing research) and that DS would not have enough antibodies to cover DS for long( possible now not covered). Would be recalled for booster but GP practice only have 5 in stock and DS wouldn't be called for a long time.(also told not to worry!!!) They want the vaccine to last for at least 21 years ( How much vaccine are they pumping into them at once?)

Jimjams Sat 03-May-03 22:31:51

exactly izzle.

Don't worry too much about the cover. In conversations I've had with very pro-vaccination people (public health authority officials) even they don't seem to bat an eyelid if a young child hasn't had the men c vaccine. It's very very rare in young children (I think the statistic is a baby is 8 times more likely to doe of cot death than men C). It tends to affect teenagers and young adults. It's also linked to poor diets (hence the numbers of cases at university).

Men C is a very new vaccine so expect lots of changes of plan over the next few years! The hib recall thread gives links which has men c details as well.

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