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urinary tract infection

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Jimjams Thu 01-May-03 20:38:33

I've posted elsewhere about ds1's recent wee problems- ie he didn't actually have a wee for 40 hours. Anyway he now appears to have a UTI. I really really really want to avoid antibiotics if I can- just spent the last 18 months trying to repair his gut. Obviously if he gets a temperature or something then I would give him them.

Anyway I'm trying to do the usual stuff- lots of water and cranberry juice. I chose cranbery, apple and grape mix as it had a higher % of cranberries in it than plain cranberry juice, no added sugar and no aspartame. Is there anything anyone else can recommend?

ks Thu 01-May-03 21:11:44

Message withdrawn

robinw Thu 01-May-03 22:03:09

message withdrawn

Jimjams Thu 01-May-03 22:55:31

GP recommended the bath as well......

No signs of pain but then he's autistic and they do things like break their legs and not notice, but totally freak out over a light touch on the arm- so not very reliable

No I didn't use probotics I do for ds2 though (and have been shoving them into ds1 for about 2 years now in an attempt to cure the leaky gut- nothing like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted )

Where do I get cranberry capsules from? Health fod shop? I'll have a hunt tomorrow......

ks Thu 01-May-03 23:15:19

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 01-May-03 23:18:15

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 02-May-03 07:20:46

No he can't have gelatin What I often do with those sorts of things is cut open the capsule and mix the contents with something- although I guess it could be pretty bitter..... Might be worth a try anyway.

Thanks for that.

robinw Fri 02-May-03 07:41:42

message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 02-May-03 08:14:14

That's a good idea robin. I often think I should do something about the probably candida. There is a peadiatrician who puts all autistic kiddies on a course of nystatin. I haven't done that- partly because he's meant to be taking part in a Uni of Reading research study into gut organisms, and partly becuase we've been doing other things. I was going to wait until Reading had analysed a poo sample anyway (lovely).

He's had a huge developmental leap recently- I was going to post on proud later. It all coincides with the introduction of enzymes . I'd been umming and ahhing for ages (mainly because of cost- although it's working out a lot cheaper than I thought) so glad I took the plunge.

susanmt Fri 02-May-03 09:42:44

Jimjams, I'm a frequent sufferer of UTI's and the best thing you can do (if it is possible of course) is to get him to drink as MUCH plain water as you can. Cranberry is good for most UTI's but plain water is better IME. I understand how hard it could be to make him drink more than he normally does (my brother is autistic and diabetic, I remember the palaver when a stupid hospital junior doc tried to change his insulin regime!) but if you can it is the best thing for him. HTH.
I am sure you know, but in young children the worry with a UTI is there is also a leaky valve in the bladder which allows urine leak back to the kidney and cause a kidney infection, which can cause lifelong kidney damage. Thats why they might want to put himon antibiotics. Have they analysed a sample to see if there is an infection present?

ninja Fri 02-May-03 09:47:47

I have to say I believe in the cranberry juice - I've sufferered cronically for UTI's (lasting up to a month) and cranberry juice is the only thing that's helped. The Ocean Spray one has a higher concentration than the own brands at supermarkets and I would get it alone as you should avoid other fruit juices.

I hope it improves soon - I know how unpleasant it can be.

ks Fri 02-May-03 09:52:20

Message withdrawn

Jimjams Fri 02-May-03 09:56:51

Thanks susan. I've been pushing water as well- but whilst he'll have frequent sips he won't have a proper drink iyswim.

I think the GP was a bit confused by him really. Blood pressure is normal etc, no signs of pain, dribbling urine but no palpable bladder, and no signs of oedema. I'm keeping an eye on how much urine he passes- it seems to be getting back to normal. if it doesn't I will take him back though (typical that its a bank holiday w/e!)

We haven't managed to get a sample yet! I pushed a clinistix thing into his nappy (my friend said they did this with her dd when she was in hospital with a kidney infection) and that showed a high specific gravity which is why I think he has an infeciton. Every time I try to get him to wee in a pot he says "du dye can" which I think is bye bye cup- and I don't want to push it as I think the reason he stopped going in the first place was because I was trying to get him to wee on the toilet!

I do worry about his kidneys- especially as autistic children are notorious for not noticing pain! If I see any sign of blood I'll obviously get in contact with the dr again.

susanmt Fri 02-May-03 10:04:24

Bicarb of soda USED to be recommended to adult sufferers but isn't any more. It can cause (my fave) kidney stones and also upsets the blood ph, so should only be given under medical supervision.

ks Fri 02-May-03 10:11:12

Message withdrawn

ks Fri 02-May-03 10:11:15

Message withdrawn

susanmt Fri 02-May-03 10:19:19

its OK ks - with my kidney history I am a bit of an expert! I certainly seem to know more than my own gp and dh has been known to phone me for help from work!!

Marina Fri 02-May-03 13:20:20

Thanks for that tip re bicarb susanmt, I have used it previously and now won't. My GP told me that weak lemon barley water is as good as cranberry juice and if appropriately diluted, less sugary. Might that help him Jimjams? Looking forward to hearing more about how the enzymes have helped him.

Jimjams Fri 02-May-03 15:37:09

I keep meaning to post on proud- but it will be quite a long post as he's done so much recently!

I think lemon barely water contains aspartame (could quite easily be wrong though). He's had quite a lot of water now- will drink it through a "thomas" straw

just spoken to our homeopath- so I'll try a remedy as well. He does at least seem to be weeing a bit more now.

Thanks for all the tips.

Marina Fri 02-May-03 19:34:54

No doubt she intended me to make my own...
Glad he is weeing a little more freely and look forward to seeing the details on Proud!

Jimjams Fri 02-May-03 20:53:00

oh good god- can you do that? Does "real" lemon barley water exist? Actually I'm being dozy anyway as he can't have barley (gluten free diet). Still haven't posted on proud- too busy scrapping on education

susanmt Sat 03-May-03 22:14:53

how's your ds today Jimjams? Is he getting any better? Hope its good news.

Jimjams Sat 03-May-03 22:24:56

He's still weeing. Still a bit smelly though, and he isn't going as often as usual. Still drinking lots though...... I'll try to get a proper sample soon (that's always dh's job).

robinw Sun 04-May-03 07:31:28

message withdrawn

ks Mon 05-May-03 19:37:00

Message withdrawn

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