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Ds' chicken pox have gone in his eyes and mouth

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sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 18:32:50

poor lad he is so sore, his eyes hurts and the spot itch, took him to an emergancy doctor appontment and was told they can't do nothing, he is asleep in my bed atm doc said that younger children fly through chicken pox but older ones, it hits them hard....

bundle Thu 05-May-05 18:34:55

poor thing i had them when i was 20 and it was murder so can relate to this

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 18:38:03

Doctor said to keep an eye on him and if it goes to his chest to take him back, he said Ds' cerebral palsy might be bad for a few day, but that normally happens when he is ill anyway...

Marina Thu 05-May-05 18:38:59

I was 17 and actually passed out at my Saturday job. My dad had to carry me across the car park of WH Smith Do It All
Do hope he feels better soon mieow

Twiglett Thu 05-May-05 18:40:23

poor thing

DS and DD just come through it relatively unscathed

I found that if you put some porridge oats in a sock and run a bath with the hot water going through the sock so the water turns cloudy it really helps take out the itch and dries up the spots really quickly

that or adding bicarb of soda to a bath

both of mine had 3 or 4 baths a day the first couple of days the spots came out


sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 18:42:43

have brought some bicarb of soda, going to bath him when he wakes up, he says he feels dizzy and faint, hate seeing him like this...

NannyJo Thu 05-May-05 18:45:22

poor thing, i remember them from when i was young. How old is he??
You must feel helpless at the mo. It's just a case of riding it out. hope he gets over it soon.

Twiglett Thu 05-May-05 18:46:10

piriton too?

MumsnetCliche Thu 05-May-05 18:46:23

mine had it this badly it was vile

have you got piriton syrup and calamine cream - they both really helped

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 18:46:24

he is 7, was saying to Misdee the other that none of my kids have had Chicken pox.... spoke too soon...

MumsnetCliche Thu 05-May-05 18:47:04

he he he

I like this name

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 18:49:09

he won't take piriton syrup but have be dabbing calamine lotion on him all day

swiperfox Thu 05-May-05 19:18:08

Poor little thing. It's nasty isn't it? I had it when i was 17 and i thought i was going to die!! I had them all down in my throat, on my joints and in my stomach!! (And my Mum made me wallpaper the kitchen while i was off school!!!)

muminlondon Thu 05-May-05 20:14:15

Poor thing, that sounds really nasty.

hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 20:16:27

Oh, sweetheart, poor little chap. I had chickenpox when I was about 10 and I had a massive one right at the back of my throat It was vile. I can still feel the scar from it now. I hope he's much better very soon, Mieow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 20:17:15

Oh the poor thing; sounds horrid.

DD (3y 1m) has just come home from nursery today - with chicken pox. So far she is fine and not poorly at home. Fingers crossed.

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 20:31:51

he woke up and had a sandwich and now is back in bed....

megandsoph Thu 05-May-05 22:11:00

aww poor lil love

SM DD2 had the same a few wks ago also they spread in her mouth and eyes and down the throuht (sp??) causing her to lose her voice slightly but I assure u hun he will be ok soon

misdee Thu 05-May-05 22:12:43

ouch, poor man. send hi ma hug and kiss from auntie misdee

soapbox Thu 05-May-05 22:15:05

Sparkly that sounds awful!

My DS had them when he was 15months old and he was dreadfully bad - really really ill

DD flew through them with hardly any effect at all at 3yo!

I had them at 9 with no real probs - so not sure its just age that matters. Although the couple of people I know who got them as adults were extremely poorly!

Hope he starts to feel better soon!

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 23:09:06

well he is up again, have dabbed calamine lotion all over again, and Dh has gone to get some antihisamine tablets (pritonize??) for him as he is still refusing the liquid form... my poor baby

Polgara2 Thu 05-May-05 23:16:58

Oh dear I do hope he feels better soon. DD's both had CP recently and dd1 was really quite poorly too, she had them in her eye and mouth also. Our practice nurse gave me chloramphenical (sp) eye ointment to protect her eyes and dd2 said it did help. Also we found that the calamine aqueous cream was much better than the lotion. But a cream called tea tree and witch hazel by Lanes was even better, bit smelly but did help with the itching when it was applied. HTH

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 23:22:24

also what I am supposed to do about the spots on his head (in his hair)???? can't dab calamine on his scalp, can I??

Jayzmummy Thu 05-May-05 23:24:08

Bicarbonate of soda in the bath really will help to dry the spots up quickly and helps with stopping any scars from forming.

Jayzmummy Thu 05-May-05 23:25:26

You can also get a liquid form of calamine lotion called calactose which is a lotion and is rubbed into the skin and doesnt dry out as much as normal calamine lotion.

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