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Jacksmama has WEIRD BELLY PAIN :( - come talk to me...

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Jacksmama Thu 21-May-09 19:43:12

Right, so I posted about this yesterday in the Childbirth topic because I don't know if this is due to all the bloody complications I had post-forceps delivery. But I killed my own thread!!!! blush [loser emoticon] Didn't know such a thing was possible grin.

Brief history:

Horrible forceps delivery of DS Feb 08. Vagina shredded, tore through my pelvic floor muscles (not diagnosed at the time). Not sewn up correctly, healed badly. Pain with sitting, pain with sex, pain with running, felt like my bits were falling out when I coughed or sneezed.

Aug 08, GP referred me to specialist surgeon. Saw her in Oct 08, we dedcided a repair op was necessary.

Had op in Feb 09, went well, surgeon found previously undiagnosed tear in pelvic floor muscle, reconstructed vagina - uneventful good recovery.

Beginning of April 09, check-up 8 wks post-op, surgeon says everything is healing quite well but no fun and games in bed yet, come back in 8 weeks - check-up scheduled for next Monday (26th).

Three weeks ago I noticed that my belly hurt in a funny way - like something was jiggling inside when I walked fast or took a few running steps. Strange achy pain before a bowel movement even though I am not constipated. Pain went away after a few days, so I thought at the time it was because I might be ovulating for the first time in two years, so expected period to arrive last weekend. Nothing. (Which is fine!!)
A few days ago, pain came back. Now it hurts when I sit down, like something is being pinched in my belly. I hurts when I stand up, like my intestines are sort of sagging down. It hurts when I walk fast. It hurts in the shower when I wash my bits, FFS! That's the weirdest, most uncomfortable thing - when I rub my bits with a bar of soap, of course it jiggles them a bit, and it feels like they're connected to something in the area deep to my belly button, and it's an achy uncomfortable pain.

What is this???????

Of course I am going to mention this to the surgeon when I see her on Monday, and if she has nothing useful to say I will see my GP and tell her.

But in the meantime - I'm worried.

psychomum5 Thu 21-May-09 19:45:58

have you had sex yet, just to test things out before your checkup??

Jacksmama Thu 21-May-09 19:48:20

No, no sex yet. Was all gung-ho about it but lack of opportunity - now I'm scared it will hurt!!

Lulumama Thu 21-May-09 19:49:06


psychomum5 Thu 21-May-09 20:02:52

well, that at least rules out the answer I was - pregnancy.

am thinking possibly adhesions then, or that the surgery has triggered endometriosis.

Jacksmama Thu 21-May-09 20:07:19

No, there's no possible way I could be pregnant. Really. grin No sex since January, no periods.

Adhesions... crap...

Could it be endometriosis since I haven't had a period in 2 years?

Lulumama Thu 21-May-09 20:13:03

could be lots of things, but rather than guessing, wait and see what the doc says, but don't panic!

Jacksmama Thu 21-May-09 20:26:19

Crap. sad

psychomum5 Thu 21-May-09 21:21:30

sending soothing <<hugs>>.

I know you are panicky and scared, I would be too. are seeing someone monday so tis not like you have to go to the GP and wait to be referred etc.

it might just be that everything is settling down in an odd way now that the swelling is going down???

teafortwo Thu 21-May-09 21:24:12

<offers hand to hold>

Jacksmama Thu 21-May-09 21:29:04

Thanks [quivering].

I could do with some wine... [hopeful]

teafortwo Thu 21-May-09 21:32:52

<offers a glass bottle of Chablis.>

psychomum5 Thu 21-May-09 21:33:11

<<pours wine>>


Jacksmama Thu 21-May-09 22:03:34


You guys know me too well!!

This is such a bugger. I never had pain of any kind before Jackbaby's birth and now I'm all messed up. sad angry

teafortwo Thu 21-May-09 23:07:42

It is amazing to think that something so horrid (your pains) could be because of something so wonderful (lovely Jackbaby being born)....

Good luck with getting well again - lets hope these tummy pains are as easily sorted as I deeply hope they will be...


ThingOne Fri 22-May-09 20:54:42

Have some wine for me too, Jacksmama. Hope you can keep calm over the weekend and that the surgeon can help. Be pushy - don't let 'em fob you off.

Jacksmama Fri 22-May-09 21:35:03

Thanks ThingOne, Christ, have I not been through enough? Grrr. It still hurts today at funny moments. But did you see my post on the Ragged Bits thread? grin grin grin

ThingOne Fri 22-May-09 22:34:27

<TO toddles off for a sneaky peek>

mistlethrush Fri 22-May-09 22:44:11

Hands over bottle...

Sorry you're feeling tender JM. At least you've got an appointment with the person most likely to be able to tell you what the problem is coming up very soon. Please don't worry too much about it over the weekend - you won't be able to do anything about it anyway. But don't do too much and try not to carry Jackbaby around too much!


Catitainahatita Sat 23-May-09 03:54:43

Oh dear, Jacksmama, just when you thought things were getting better sad sad

I wish I could tell you what is wrong, but think that your surgeon, (who sounded rather like he knew what he was doing) will be able to tell you on Monday. Hang in there until then.

And, the only thing I have ever managed to learn about pain is that working through it is A STUPID IDEA. Please try and avoid doing what hurts and get lots of rest.

If it turns out to be nothing [big fingers crossed emoticon) you will still benefit from the time with your feet up.

<Offers more wine and nibbles JM's way>

blinks Sun 24-May-09 11:58:44

have something very similar just now and also have no clue. worth pointing out that i do have endometriosis but no period for nearly two years due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

also had traumatic second birth last year, with bad abdo muscle separation so that's what i'm leaning towards... am going to ask gp for physio referral.

still worried though that it might be something horrific but i've had it for a few weeks and don't feel particularly unwell as such, just tender and achy.

Jacksmama Tue 26-May-09 21:15:33

So, saw the surgeon yesterday - she was delighted with the state of my insides and I have been officially discharged. I did ask her about the weird belly pain I'd been having and she pulled a very concerned face, left the room (leaving me thinking hmm WTF??) and came back trailing the ultrasound machine. [impressed emoticon] because I was dreading being told "go back to your GP and have her refer you for an ultrasound scan". I guess those are the perks of being referred to a department head in the Reproductive Health section... anyhoo, I'm sure you all know where the ultrasound wand went hmm, which was Not Fun, but eventually, after much poking and prodding and wiggling about of my insides [doublehmm] she said she thought it was because my hormones may be starting to kick back in and get ready to get the factory going again, so to speak, and because I am one of those Attachment-Parenting, Breastfeed-Until-They're-in-University type hippies, my ovaries and uterus have been mothballed, in a manner of speaking, and it can be a bit achy and tender at times when the cobwebs crack away. She saw no evidence of adhesions or endometriosis, just a very estrogen-rich uterine lining and very busy ovaries, so that's good. It also means that DH and I will be revisiting the "Have The Snip" conversation in earnest, very soon.

Jacksmama Fri 05-Jun-09 17:12:55

Mystery solved. It was ovulation pain as my period started yesterday. angry First period after baby, and it's a monster.
<curls up on couch hoping DS will sleep a bit longer>

Ok, if this kind of pain happens every time I ovulate now, I will be extremely angry because that means I'll be in pain every two weeks. angry angry

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