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Pete should be home thisevening.

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misdee Tue 03-May-05 10:25:57

i have to phone to afternoon to find out. eeek!!!

SoupDragon Tue 03-May-05 10:27:19

Fingers crossed

Evesmama Tue 03-May-05 10:27:54

ooooohhh, hope so
and hope he can stay home this time

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 10:29:17

good vibes to you misdee, everything crossed for you both

misdee Tue 03-May-05 10:32:54

have instructions to buy bacon, sausgaes eggs for tomight lol.

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 10:34:47

dont blame him! hospital food is sooo crap!!

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 10:35:29

hey misdee... how is dd3's spots? have they cleared up, glad it wasnt chicken pox. xx

misdee Tue 03-May-05 10:36:32

still there, nopt as inflammed tho.

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 10:38:03

bless her, has the doc give you anything to put on them?

misdee Tue 03-May-05 10:41:55

fuciden h and aquous cream.

bonym Tue 03-May-05 10:54:05

Fingers crossed it's good news misdee

misdee Tue 03-May-05 16:00:10

still waiting. chest x-ray has been done, stil lwaiting for doc to make his rounds.

misdee Tue 03-May-05 18:23:42

oh FGS, still no news yet. his mum got there, took an hour and a half due to acdidents on the m25. but still no news.


misdee Tue 03-May-05 19:15:56

he isnt coming home

LIZS Tue 03-May-05 19:25:45


RTKangaMummy Tue 03-May-05 19:27:29

SoupDragon Tue 03-May-05 19:28:04

misdee Tue 03-May-05 19:33:30

he was told that he would be seen by the doc at 2pm and they'd let him now if he was going home. no-one came to see him to discuss the x-ray, and nopw the nurses are saying they want to do another angio, so he wont be out most likely till end of the week.

ETsmum Tue 03-May-05 21:04:48

Sososo sorry misdee

LGJ Tue 03-May-05 21:05:54

Aw sweetheart

Aimsmum Tue 03-May-05 21:06:05

Message withdrawn

mmmmchocolate Tue 03-May-05 21:07:06

Sorry misdee x

bonym Wed 04-May-05 10:11:50

almostanangel Wed 04-May-05 10:13:12


throckenholt Wed 04-May-05 10:14:54

I am really sorry he isn't coming home now Misdee .

I have not been on Mumsnet much lately and have lost track with what is happening with the transplant - I hope things are not too bad at the moment.

And I hope you are finding time to enjoys your girls

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