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Anyone elses DD / DS poorly today?

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Mum2Ela Fri 18-Mar-05 09:40:44

Fancy a winge?

DD has been poorly since monday night with a v high temperature which goes down with calpol, then shoots back up. A cough, started as more of a bark but is now quite chesty, and is v snotty today. Was sick mon night and now this morning again. Am going to take her to the docs this morning.

Obviously I want to look after her, of course I do, but have been stuck in the house all week now and am going slightly insane!

DS (4 months) doesn't much like being stuck in either and so is being v clingy, or wants to be constantly stuck to my boob!

Anyone else fancy a moan whilst I have 5 minutes peace (both sleeping)?!

Earlybird Mon 21-Mar-05 08:38:55

Know I'm a few days late in being sympathetic, but here I am! Seemed best to revive an old thread instead of starting a new one as there are so many of us going through this at the moment. How are your 2 today?

DD has had some ailment or other for the past 2 weeks. We went from tummy bug to bad cold, to chesty cough to probable ear infection. She was up every hour on the hour last night, and I'm shattered this morning.

I feel terrible for her, but I am so ready to get my lovely, happy little girl back again. It is wearing for her, and me too. She's been a very healthy little girl, but seems to have got a bit of every thing going around this winter. All her little school friends have it too though, so they must all just pass it round to each other.

I've had enough with the Calpol and Nurofen, and we're off to the doctor this morning. And to top it off, nanny has just called in sick - she sounds terrible too! ARRGGHH!! I'm surrounded!

Mum2Ela Mon 21-Mar-05 10:08:20

Earlybird, this morning I feel like the most teerible mother alive. DD is mostly better, no temp, and more or less back to her usual self, but she does have an occasional cough and when she starts to cough she can't stop. DH didn't want me to take her to nursery this morning but I insisted (DH does wrap her up in cotton wool a bit too much), and she wanted to go. Got to nursery and DD went straight for the space hopper as usual and started coughing so much she was sick! Nursery teacher said she felt a bit hot (well, she had just been jumping on a space hopper - she hasn't got a temp) and perhaps she should go home. Obviously DD didn't want to go, so she has stayed there.
They will ring me if there is a prob.

I do feel bad but then I know she is better and its not even a nasty cough that she has, its just once she starts she can't stop!

Earlybird Mon 21-Mar-05 15:23:28

Mum2Ela - don't feel like a terrible mum. It's hard when they're sick, and hard when they're not quite better too. It's virtually impossible to know when it's OK to let them exert themselves for the first time after an illness...and they surely don't know their limits. They only stop when their bodies force them to!

Hope that today went OK for your dd, and that the nursery didn't need to ring. My dd is flopped on the sofa, watching yet another video. She only rouses herself for bathroom and medicine. I'm hoping she'll be able to sleep better tonight...because that means that I will sleep better too!

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