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First period after giving birth - DS is a year

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MurderousMarla Thu 16-Oct-08 19:53:09

On two occasions a few weeks ago I felt really crampy and was convinced I was going to get my period - the second time felt like early labour and was horrid - but no, nothing.

Now today it has just arrived without warning. A mix of boo hiss and hurrah at knowing the wait is over IYSWIM

but I have felt so lousy lately - bad tempered and exhausted - can I expect this to lift now?

Am still BFing, DS been crabby today though, might this be why? Is this a good time to stop?

Might I be able to kick-start some weightloss now? (Think [hope] I am one of those whose body stores fat while BFing as in pregnancy because actually my diet's alright but I am not losing)

Feels so weird, going for a long bath to get over the shock

beansontoast Thu 16-Oct-08 20:04:11

hello...i am going through this too smile

weird isnt it,almost two years since i had a period...forgot all about having to change tampons etc!...another chore...aswell as the extra washing due to 'accidents'!

but back to you...yes i was particularly grumpy/tired/ratty in the previous three weeks and it has lifted.

i was SPECTACULARLY mad infact that i was going to go to the Dr the next day as i was sooo scatty/on edge.

cant help you with the b.feeding as i had sort of stopped (one feed every couple of days..blush

and on the weightloss appetite has disappeared...i ate quite a bit,not loads but properly,and since tues it has gawn.

MurderousMarla Thu 16-Oct-08 20:39:35

Ooh hello I have been so cross over the silliest things, pleased to hear it's not just me - thought I was going mad at one point - actually it's been worse than I care to remember to be honest, stormed off in a huff a few times in the car without any belongings saying I'm gone for good! shock not like me at all.

likessleep Thu 16-Oct-08 21:35:46

i've had two periods since having ds a year ago.
it was like normal pmt / mood swings x1million! and the stomach cramps, awful. plus headaches like i've never had before.
the second period much more like it was before pregnancy, so yes the first one was far worse than the second.
ime, it gets better ...

phdlife Thu 16-Oct-08 21:38:46

ds is 18m and still not a drop here

thanks for the warnings, though!

LittleMissBlissBloodAndBoils Thu 16-Oct-08 21:46:38

Still no period ds 11 months. TTC so wish it would rear its ugly head so at least i knew where i stood! I have been extra moody recently and getting tummy twinges so who knows....

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