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Yet another £16 down the pan for my ingrowing toenails..........What can I do?

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LoveMyGirls Wed 08-Oct-08 20:52:41

Since getting pg with dd2 I have suffered with ingowing toenails I did go on the waiting list at the doctors but the first time I went to have it done the doctor refused to do it - I'd had to go to the chiropodists a week before and then can called in because of a cancellation so because it wasn't bad at the time he cancelled my op. The second time I cancelled because I hadn't had any pain for about 12 weeks and I thought losing weight had solved the problem (the problem started when I gained a lot of weight so it made sense in my mind)

So do I go to the docs and get put on the waiting list again? Obviously not cancel it thinking it's better this time!

hotbot Wed 08-Oct-08 21:22:17

better off going to a podiatrist to gt it done,, what advice did the chiropodist give?

LoveMyGirls Wed 08-Oct-08 21:28:25

He said I needed it cut right down to the matrix so I guess i need to go to the doctors again and get on the waiting list again, I've tried to have a go at it myself and now it just hurts even more sad I'll make a doctors appointment for friday and see the chiropodists on saturday.

hotbot Wed 08-Oct-08 21:32:35

doesnt your chiropodist do nail surgery?

hotbot Wed 08-Oct-08 21:32:35

doesnt your chiropodist do nail surgery?

hotbot Wed 08-Oct-08 21:32:35

doesnt your chiropodist do nail surgery?

hotbot Wed 08-Oct-08 21:32:36

doesnt your chiropodist do nail surgery?

hotbot Wed 08-Oct-08 21:33:20

god........ sorry
dont do it yourself you will make it worse

LoveMyGirls Wed 08-Oct-08 21:34:32

No I don't think so.

No I won't be doing it myself again. Can't really afford it but needs must

ib Wed 08-Oct-08 21:35:08

I've had plastic surgery on my toes for this and although the post-op was a nightmare it was worth it, the only thing that sorted it out (after 3 years of trying EVERYTHING including having my toenail pulled out without anaesthetic!)

LoveMyGirls Wed 08-Oct-08 21:39:15

Wow IB what kind of surgery? How long to recover?

Sawyer64 Wed 08-Oct-08 21:47:36

All i do before it gets really inflammed,is cut a slanted corner off at the side,and then as it grows it grows away from the edge and stops being a problem.If its really sore I stuff a small piece of cotton wool down the side,to protect it from the nail edge.

My DB had some "soft bark" put down the side of his by the Chiropodist years ago to do this,so I have adapted it.

ib Thu 09-Oct-08 11:39:49

They actually reshaped my toes completely - the guy was a reconstructive surgeon specialising in hands and feet!

It took about 3 weeks to recover, which was a nightmare - every time I put ANY weight on my feet in that period they would start bleeding. I thought I would go mad by the end of it.

But that was it - after 3 years of permanently infected, pus-oozing (seriously gross) big toes I was totally sorted!

Of course many years later I had to go through physical re-education to sort out the mess those years made of my posture, but that's a whole separate story...

AussieLou Thu 09-Oct-08 12:45:15

I had wedge resections (cut toenail, reshape toe)done on both toes. One at age 11 and the second at age 21 (the 2nd time I was having my gall bladder out and the doctor got a junior doctor to do it for me at the same time for it was free)
Never had a moments trouble since. Highly recommend it if you are able.

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