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My babies cured my alopaecia (but did not teach me how to spell it, apologies)

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lingle Tue 07-Oct-08 18:05:22

Just in case any fellow-sufferers of hair-loss are out there reading the thread about hair loss after pregnancy and trembling with anxiety, I thought I'd post a good news story.

I suffered diffuse alopaecia (basically my hair went from thick to horribly thin ("sparse")) when I was 20. I saw a tricologist at 30 who said that the best treatment would be pregnancy. I got pregnant at 31 and the hair thickened. I lost some after the birth but there was an overall improvement and my hairdresser was thrilled. It got thicker again in the second pregnancy. DS2 is now 3 and I've lost none at all! My hairdresser is even more thrilled! I officially no longer have thin hair. I can look at photographs of the top of my head without cringing.

Shame the babies didn't have a similarly miraculous effect on my stomach....

Jill458 Tue 07-Oct-08 18:08:16

That is great lingle! My mum suffered from alopaecia (caused by traumatic event) a while ago. It is a horribly embarrassing condition but because not 'life threatening' the devastation it can cause is not always understood. I'm so glad your hair has thickened up smile I know what you mean about the stomach through wink

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