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I've found something brilliant for Sweaty Betties!

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PrettyCandles Tue 01-Mar-05 13:50:10

And I just had to let any other SBs know about it. Fresh lemon juice, I mean really fresh, not more than a couple of minutes old, stops nasty niffs from sweaty armpits. Completely stops! For the past week I've been keeping a lemon in the fridge, and every morning immediately after my shower I cut a little wedge, give it a squeeze, and rub it on my armpits. When it's dried I go on with deo etc as usual. And this week, for more-or-less the first time since puberty, I could wear a shirt two days running! It's brilliant and I am so pleased to have discovered this. I even used a slice of lemon when I didn't have time to shower one morning, and when I finally got around to showering while the children were napping that afternoon, I still wasn't whiffy!

HTH any others out there who are graced with generous pheromones.

nnosam Tue 01-Mar-05 13:53:33

cool, thanks for that. i am so fed up with throwing out t-shirts that you cant get the smell out of.

goreousgirl Tue 01-Mar-05 14:12:43

Isn't it all sticky? Definitely worth a try since the only deodorant that ever worked for me seems to have been discontinued!

PrettyCandles Tue 01-Mar-05 14:28:08

Surprisingly not. By the time I've put the lemon back in the fridge, rinsed the knife, and got back from the kitchen to my bedroom (walking like John Wayne about to quick-draw ) the juice has virtually dried.

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