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I've got nits!

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rickman Mon 28-Feb-05 08:55:03

Message withdrawn

EasterBunny Mon 28-Feb-05 08:58:53

Hi Rickman

LOL don't worry, I frequently get one or two from my 'lousy' kids! (They are not really lousy but kids in their class are all the time, poor things!)

Don't go down the chemical route.. not worth it.. just dump a load of conditioner on your head and go through it with a nit comb lots of times. If you do this every time you wash it, you can stay on top of the problem like this. I do this for DD and I when nits are really rife at various times a year. The chemical de-louser stuff is not really recommended for kids anymore and most docs won't prescibe it.

Also, use tea tree & mint shampoo and condtioner all the time.. it discourages the little sods!

SJ x

KathH Mon 28-Feb-05 09:10:55

i've had the odd one or two since my kids have starting getting them . the conditioner and then combing them out seems to do the trick - i hope! ds2 (now 8) seems to be a nit magnet - she rarely goes a couple of weeks without being reinfested. i think its because a lot of people dont regularly check their kids hair altho i must confess i didnt until we had the first visit. she hates having her hair combed thru tho and insists that her nits are friendly and that they can stay there. its quite satisfying in a strange sort of way when you see them wiggling in the comb and then you squash them! They really annoy me - i think its so cheeky that they take up residence in peoples hair. Worringly now when i'm in a queue or on the bus i find myself looking at the hair of the person in front and have to really resist the urge to start forraging in their hair!

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 28-Feb-05 09:16:24

If you've got tea tree oil just pour the stuff directly on to your head. It does work plus it helps to get the comb through your hair!

Cadbury Mon 28-Feb-05 09:25:21

My dd (and therefore me too) got them for the 1st time 2 weekends ago. We got rid of them quite quickly using every known method but I still find myself obsessed with checking her now. And using that full marks stuff has left me already sensitive scalp in a dreadful state. I'm still itching but its only cos I've got loads of little sores on my head now. I know that won't be the last of them (esp wiyth dd starting school in September) but I really hate them.

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