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Toddler bitten on face by another baby - will it scar?

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Dani1 Mon 22-Sep-08 13:36:27

Can anyone help me?

My DS who is 14 months old was playing with another baby (who is 20 mnths) in the plaground when he was bitten on the cheek. His mother was very apologetic - and I know that toddlers do this type of thing all the time - so I'm not worried about that.

The bite didn't really break the skin (there was a very little bit of blood on ds's cheek - but no scab or anything) but the next day you can see the other baby's teeth marks - they've left a really deep blue bruise on ds's face - and now I'm terrified that his face will scar.

Does anyone have a similar experience - does this lead to scars?

I'm at my wits end sad - any help would be so very grartefully recieved.

cornsilk Mon 22-Sep-08 13:37:17

unlikely to scar if it's not broken the skin

suzywong Mon 22-Sep-08 13:39:11

what cornsilk said

Agree very unlikely to leave a mark.

Baby skin heals amazingly.

Poor ds though.

Twiga Mon 22-Sep-08 13:50:45

Your poor ds, our ds had a similar thing happen to him about a month ago at the same age - poor wee mite had multiple bruises and marks and looked awful esp for the first day or two - not helped by the black eye he'd got rough and tumbling with his sister the day before. It does die down and in a week you'll not even see where the bite was. Think the shock of it was worse for him than the actual bites iyswim, try not to worry about your ds, he'll be fine, honest smile.

Elk Mon 22-Sep-08 13:54:52

My dd2 had her face bitten by another child at a soft play area. The skin was broken and she bled from 4 out of the 8 teethmarks (it was a truly impressive bite). She was bruised and swollen for about a week/10 days but there is no scarring.
We never found out who did it.

Dani1 Mon 22-Sep-08 13:59:51

Thank you so much - all of you - I feel so much better having read your post smile

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