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When will DD get her first tooth?

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Claireandrich Mon 17-Feb-03 21:04:29

DD is now 10 months old and she still doesn't have any teeth, and there is no sign of them at the moment - no lumps, bumps, etc. She has had so-called 'symptoms' on and off since she was 3 months. At the moment it isn't stopping her eating - she can get through most things, even fillet steak but I am curious.

When will she get some teeth? At what age did your children get their first tooth? Should I start worrying about it yet?

Chiccadum Mon 17-Feb-03 21:17:06

No i wouldn't worry at all, dd1 got her first tooth at 5 month and dd2 got her first two at four months, then again one of my husbands workmates wives had a baby with a tooth fully through and one just cutting.

A girl who I know also has a little boy who didn't cut a tooth until he was 18months, he had x-rays and they were all there just not cutting.

I wouldn't worry at all, all children are different especially when it comes to teething


lisaj Mon 17-Feb-03 21:21:44

My ds didn't get his first tooth until about 13 months, then got several all at once. My dd is now 13 months and only has one tooth, which she has had since Christmas - she does look rather cute when she smiles and all you see is one little tooth!!

Moomin Mon 17-Feb-03 21:54:41

Dd got her first at around 9 months then a couple more popped up over the next few months. However, at Xmas, the rest all came together and she had a rotten time teething then, catching up with all the other babies who'd got theirs a regular intervals throughout the year! Basically, don't worry... they'll come when they're ready!

forest Tue 18-Feb-03 13:15:40

One of my mums friends granddaughter didn't get her first tooth until she was 19 months old. The mother did get worried but the dentist told her he had never seen a child at school without teeth. Don't know if that is a helpful comment or very patronising

aloha Tue 18-Feb-03 14:37:23

My ds didn't get any teeth until 13months. He has about seven now, I think and he's just 17months. It's hard to tell because only a fool puts her finger into a teething baby's mouth and doesn't expect the baby not to enjoy the good crunching sound of tiny, hard little teeth on mummy's finger.

Claireandrich Tue 18-Feb-03 19:51:09

Thanks everyone. I feel less worried by it now. We will have to just keep waiting. She will probably get loads all at once now!

Claireandrich Wed 07-May-03 15:14:42


Mollie got her first tooth last night, aged 13 months and 1 day! At last - it has been a long time coming and she has been a bit grizzly on and off for the past week or two. I can also see at least another 3 or 4 very near the gums too.

MUM2ELA Wed 07-May-03 15:27:20

ClaireandRich, you must be so proud!

My DD (8 months) got her first tooth last week. I think I am more excited than I should be! Only trouble is that when she is teething, she isn't grizzly but she does get what I can only assume is terrible earache because she picks and scrams at her ears until they bleed! Poor thing!

meanmum Wed 07-May-03 15:48:07

Congrats to you both. Claireand Rich it may be a blessing or not depending on how you look at it. I assume because she got them at her age this means she will get a whole heap all in one go.

I'm still waiting for my ds to get his canines and molars. They keep giving him grief but nothing yet so we are all suffering at the moment.

Mum2Ela - be proud but be careful. They can really bite.

Claireandrich Wed 07-May-03 18:10:43

Mum2ela - I know what you mean with the pain bit. DD seemed so uncomfortable for a couple of weeks before she got her tooth. She would wake up in the night screaming and holding her mouth, poor thing. The only thing that ever seemed to work was calpol or nurofen - the gels and powders didn't seem to do much for her.

eidsvold Wed 07-May-03 18:26:02

I know slightly how you feel - Dd had been dribbly and chewing and so on for what seemed like an eternity and finally at 9 months we have a tooth although it does not look like anymore coming in the near future.

Hope all goes well for the next few.

wog Mon 12-May-03 23:40:16

Dd's first 2 bottom teeth came through together when she was exactly 9 months now her top 2 have broken the skin so look like they will be making an appearance for her turning 10 months on the 22nd of this month if not before - strange that they are coming in 2's

eidsvold Tue 13-May-03 07:11:04

update - those other teeth that looked a long way off ... well her second bottom tooth has made an appearance - about a week after the first one.

Claireandrich Tue 13-May-03 20:34:31

DD has now got another tooth - came 3 days after the first - a bottom one this time. Still can see the next ones very close to the gum too. Maybe she will catch up with other babies her age soon!

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