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DPT Vacination advise please

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Eaney Fri 25-Feb-05 15:43:36

My new born baby is due the DPT in about 4 weeks. I explained to HV that I was concerned as my first boy had a very bad reaction (more than 90% of his body became inflamed red and weeping causing hime ot lose body heat). We later discovered that he has serious allergies to a number of things one of which is egg. In hindsight his reaction was probably an allergic reaction.
Two of my nephews also had serious reactions to the DPT one needing a steroid injection to get his breathing going again.

I want to vacinate my newborn but want to do it the least agressive and safest way possible. For example I would like to wait until she is a bit older than 2 months to give it to her. Has anyone any thoughts on this? I am breastfeeding if that helps with her imunity.

My HV has arranged a meeting with the consultant in charge of immunisations in our area where I can explain my concerns. Not sure how this will help. I think the only thing they can offer is to vacinate in hospital and observe for a couple of hours. My first boy and my nephew both reacted about 24-48 hours after the vacinations.

Can anyone give me advice on what to ask the consultant or point me in the direction of a good website.

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