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refux still in toddler aged 15 moths - problem from moving on from purees

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Refluxtoby Wed 17-Sep-08 16:08:39

HI I notice that Jen1976 sent a message re her toddler and his reflux back in July. We have been in the same position - hospital etc etc and have been on all meds - Dom Peridgnon Renitidin OMeprazole and Losec We are slowly weanign down so only taking one Losec a day but with special milk but my problem is that he only will eat purees still apart from the odd biscuit and baby crip thing. The hospital says this is normal and its a slow process but would love you to post something on whether your child had the tendancy to not want to move onto more normal none baby pureed food. its been a long road for us as its my second child and his reflux has been spectacularly bad - hospitalised twice so would be grateful if you would post something on this or anyone who has this problem. Thanks so much.

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