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Any anaesthetists around here?

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PeaMcLean Tue 16-Sep-08 22:37:23

Hello, I'm trying to find out about the drugs I was given as a spinal epidural in my c section in 2001.

I had "a funny reaction" which from googling I understand is relatively normal. (Blood pressure dropped, I understand I was given something to sort it out, then developed really horrid itching until the anaesthetic finally wore off)

My dentist is going to take out one of my wisdom teeth. Local anaesthetic and possible sedative cos I'm a wuss. I asked about anaesthetics and mentioned my funny reaction. He said he wanted to know what i had, he suspected it wasn't a problem but asked me to check.

YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE how difficult it is getting this information from my medical records. Before I have one last desperate and probably futile attempt at trying to get this information via my GP (honestly don't make me go into the whole sorry saga, that's a separate thread in AIBU), could an anaesthetist tell me whether the answer is remarkably straight forward and generic?

Thank you. smile

tink123 Wed 17-Sep-08 09:59:10

Ring the hospital records dept and tell them you want to see your notes. You can then see them in the records dept and photocopy appropriate pages. They are your records!!!

aliasdictus Wed 17-Sep-08 17:33:49

What you had was a completely normal reaction, Blood pressure falls with an epidural, if it didn't then the epidural/spinal would not be working, sometimes other drugs have to be used to restore it. Often a small dose of opiate, a morphine-like drug is added to help pain relief and up to 93% people get itching from this. Please don't believe you had an abnormal reaction and don't let it put you off in the future. Your notes will unlikely say anything much as it sounds as if nothing abnormal happened, and while your GP might have heard of an epidural he/she almost certainly will have no idea how or where it goes or what drugs are used.
No anaesthetist would be at all fussed by this and you should just go ahead, your dentist sounds very sensible. Ignore any posts telling you that you are in mortal danger or that it was negligent or that you should go to A&E or that you should see your GP or should insist on a scan/Xray/CT/MRI.
You really don't need to!

saralou Wed 17-Sep-08 17:37:17

same advice - it's a normal reaction and has no impact on future use of anaesthetics

PeaMcLean Wed 17-Sep-08 22:32:43

<rolls on floor laughing at tink's faith in the system> Oh if only! As I say though, I'm not going into the detail of that grin Just believe me it's not turning out to be so easy...

Thanks Alias and saralou, don't worry i really didn't think I was in any mortal danger or that it was anything particularly freaky. I wasn't completely sure if it was an allergy or just normal though, and dentist is just being sensible and asked me to check it out. I spoke to him again today and he said it wasn't vital that he knew, it would just be "tidier". He also assured me that he's never yet lost a patient in the chair!

So the epidural procedure itself causes the blood pressure drop? The morphine causes the itching but isn't an allergic reaction. I'm surprised it's up to 93%. It was really very unpleasant and I haven't heard many people mention it. So if morphine is added, what is it added to? What is usually in a local?

saralou Thu 18-Sep-08 20:13:53

local is usually something like lignocaine/ lidocaine, very different drug (disclaimer, i know nothing about dentistry!!!!)

epidurals can also contain fentanyl (thats what we use in ours, but i'm not in midwifery) and are another form of an opiate (ours come with a pre-prescription for piriton) it's a well known side effect!

i itched like crazy too... the ultimate itch you cannot scratch as i recall!!

ashamedtoadmit Thu 18-Sep-08 20:29:16

If you are really worried then you can access your hospital records, google 'accessing medical records' and you will get the correct proceedure. FRom experience, if you explain your reasons they will often let you have a look , someone will sit with you (I assume to answer questions/ make sure you don't remove/tamper with documents- they have to ensure they remain a proper legal record of the care you had!).

If still no joy phone the records department and ask for the muber of the relevent 'Caldicot Guardian', they are the person who has ultimate power to let you access your notes.

Think previous advice is good mind you, I had epidural and had a lowish B/P and have two friends who had the itching thing- very unpleasant but not 'serious' as such!

PeaMcLean Fri 19-Sep-08 16:18:32

Thanks all, good to understand these things. GP finally phoned today with info from medical records, so that saga's concluded, and I've booked to have the blessed tooth out. 13th October. Yikes

<stomach churns>

<wobbly grin>

"Caldicot Guardian"???!!! What a curious name, LOL. I know the village of Caldicot. Now got vision of man in tights and red cape patrolling streets around the post office and bungalows.

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