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Calling Misi- link between progesterone-based contraceptives and thyroid conditions?

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Honneybunny Fri 12-Sep-08 20:05:42

I have just received the results from a thyroid function test: TSH6.40, no wonder i was feeling so crappy: normally i feel ok when between 1-2. GP said I have to increase dose from 75/100 alternating to 100mcg daily.

I was just wondering if anyone (not just Misi, but she has been incredibly helpful on a previous thread) knows anything about a possibly link between progesterone-based contraceptives and hypothyroidism, or has any experience with this. Reason why i am asking is that i have a mirena coil and i feel that my thyroid function has got worse and worse after that was inserted in March. Also, i have had the same problem before with a progesterone only pill.


FabioBigBangBlackHole Sat 13-Sep-08 14:30:04


Honneybunny Sat 13-Sep-08 14:42:40

thanks for bumping!

shinyshoes Sat 13-Sep-08 15:06:42

I don't know if this is relevant to you or not.

I asked this, I'm on the pill injection and went on it of march this year, last month I found I had an Under Active Thyroid gland. The g.p says they were unrealted as if the pill were to cause this it wouldn't have got the licencing.

emma1977 Sat 13-Sep-08 20:54:47

I'm not aware of any link.

Many women use progesterone-based contraception, many women are hypothyroid- its enevitable that some will be both.

Honneybunny Sat 13-Sep-08 21:20:58

Shinyshoes, definitely interesting info! What I am wondering about is if progesterone based contraceptive can make underlying thyroid problems worse. I don't think it causes the thyroid problem, but that there may be an interaction between the contraceptive and TSH/thyroxin.

Sure emma, i see what you mean statistically.

Just in my case, i was diagnosed in may 2004 and have been taking thyroxin since, and my THS levels have been stable and within the normal range (usually between 1-2), even throughout my second pregnancy. There have in the past 4 years just been two occasions on which my TSH levels have gone off again. First time was early this year, after starting on progesterone only pill in November last year. My TSH levels returned back to normal after stopping with this pill (I tested normal TSH early March this year just before the mirena was inserted). Then in March I had the mirena inserted and since then TSH has gone up again. I have been walking around feeling hypothyroid for a couple of months now, but initially the health centre did not want to do another thyroid test, as the previous one was less than 6 months back, and normal then.

I just think it is a bit too much of a coincidence that it has happened to me twice now.

cocolepew Sat 13-Sep-08 21:22:56

I thought Misi was a he?

zippitippitoes Sat 13-Sep-08 21:23:37

misi is a he

Honneybunny Sun 14-Sep-08 08:27:49

oh, i didn't know (sorry misi), then i should have written 'he was very helpful'. smile

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