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Lumps in both breasts

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netty3012 Mon 01-Sep-08 14:44:46

A few weeks ago I found a lump close to my right nipple, at the same time I found another lump close to my left nipple. I went to the doctor about a week later who prescribed a 2 week course of antibiotics which I have just finished. I'm going back to the doctor later today as the antibiotics have not made any difference to the size of either lump. I am now very anxious and just wondered if anyone has had something similar?

misi Mon 01-Sep-08 16:16:35

personally no, but depending on how long ago your last baby was, it may be to do with your oestrogen levels. (oestrogen is a growth family hormone and will encourage fat deposition and retention whereas progesterone does the opposite) my ex had smalls lumps around her nipples and a biopsy on one before I met her was benign and just fatty tissue and she decided she did not want surgery to remove them so left them where they were!!
ask your gp for a proper exam though to be sure

netty3012 Wed 03-Sep-08 07:22:52

thank you very much for your message. My baby is 21 weeks old and I finished breast feeding about 10 weeks ago and found the lumps about 3 weeks ago. My GP says he thinks it may be hormonal but has now referred me to a specialist. Hopefully it is hormonal

misi Wed 03-Sep-08 15:38:15

ah, if you stopped 10 weeks ago, then yes, it could be hormonal. as you probably know, your hormones take around 2-4 weeks after birth to get to some sort of normality. this is also when you periods should begin to surface again. breast milk production is stimulated by prolactin and oestrogen, what can sometimes happen is that if you stop feeding too quickly (instead of phasing out I mean) then there can still be an excess of oestrogen that is not being used and so will go and do something else like causing fatty lumps!!

good to be seeing a specialist though, always better to be safe when it comes to your breasts!!

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