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Hints and tips for removing splashproof dressings?

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roisin Sat 30-Aug-08 09:01:52

ds2 had a small op on Wednesday and we're supposed to be removing/replacing the dressing today.

It's a splashproof dressing, which means the 1" border all round is like a super-sticky plaster, and the whole thing is about 6"x4".

Does anyone have any ideas about getting this off without it being very painful for him?

(I tried easing a corner this morning, but it was very firmly stuck and ds2 didn't appreciate my efforts at all!)

Should I give up and take him to the practice nurse on Monday?

snorris Sat 30-Aug-08 09:06:10

Oil can sometimes help dissolve the adhesive (any will do baby/veg oil etc). If you have to put another dressing on it may not stick though unless you can clean the skin thoroughly . (As I found out blush)

snorris Sat 30-Aug-08 09:08:49

Just remembered,when dd4 was in hospital and had a fabric plaster dressing they used an alcohol type wipe to get that off. The nurse peeled up a corner and then gradually worked round directly on the sticky bit rather than saturate the dressing.

roisin Sat 30-Aug-08 17:26:36

Thanks snorris, that was really helpful. I bought some babyoil, and that seemed to work quite well.

I've left the final/initial dressing on: it's just a thin strip over the actual scar/stitches, and it seems very stuck with matted blood and hair (hairy birthmark hmm), and doesn't seem ready to come off yet.

The replacement dressings I got from the hospital are useless and won't stay on at all, so I think I'll put some fabric plaster on before he goes back to school to protect it properly.

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