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Can you over vaporise a room with an electric vaporiser/steamer?

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stressed2007 Thu 07-Aug-08 14:59:02

I know many people have vicks electric vaporisers - the things you put water in and it steams at night to vaporise a room to help coughs/colds etc. Well my m in law wants to get this huge, what I would call industrial, version for us as it lasts longer and you can direct the steam (rather then one of the smaller more basic ones that just sits on a service with the steam going upwards). One supplier told me that the one I want he sells to sickbays on oil rigs so it obviously works for larger areas. Do you think there is any danger in over vaporising a room? Would the condensation just start to settle as water on furniture (not worried about that) or might there be any other side effects? Also has anyone had a vicks one and is it sufficient for a large room? Thanks very much.

JackieNo Thu 07-Aug-08 15:05:17

I'd guess it might make the room quite damp - you'd need to make sure you aired it really well during the daytime.

QOD Thu 07-Aug-08 15:14:12

We use a wall paper steam stripper with the hose & pad off, just make sure, as previously said, that you air it during the day.
We usually paint but have joked that wall paper wouldnt last long in dd's room LOL

Also, as we use menthol crystals, as an interesting quirk when its used to strip wall paper, everyone has beautifully clear chests!

Elibean Thu 07-Aug-08 18:52:17

We have a biggish humidifier, and you can put it on every 1,2 or 3 minutes for a minute at a time. It sits about 3-4 ft away from dd's cot (depending on degree of her stuffedup-ness) and is usually set for every 3 mins, which results in slightly damp carpet, where it falls, which dries very fast in the morning. The side of the cot, and edge of bedding, gets a little damp too.

If we put it on every 2 minutes instead, it can result in damp side of bedding, even pillow, by morning. But as long as room isn't freezing cold, she seems to benefit rather than anything else....and the walls are fine, so far, carpet ditto (small room).

Its got us through a very viral and congested winter, and as dd has a floppy larynx and isn't a great breather at the best of times, its been a godsend.

Elibean Thu 07-Aug-08 18:52:32

Should add, its a cool mist one.

stressed2007 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:52:32

Can you please tell me what make/model it is? Thanks very much.

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