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DS gave me a horrible fright earlier!

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Flossam Thu 10-Feb-05 18:36:46

We got back from shopping and he'd been asleep for the couple of hours we'd been out for. As I went to pick him up he choked on ?spit ?vomit, I'm not sure which and just really couldn't catch his breath afterwards. He was really stuggling and his lips even started to go slightly blue. Some of you will know I'm a nurse, but in general nursing you don't get much child first aid. I put him over my knee head down and patted his back hard a couple of times and he was fine. But I think that a first aid book is required! He is absolutely fine now, he had a nice feed and is now staring in wonder at his new winnie the pooh mobile! Just wondering, was that the right thing to do? at not knowing.

Twiglett Thu 10-Feb-05 18:40:50

if choking the procedyre is head below knee and pat back

if very small you lay them down along on your arm with their head in your hands, if bigger then across your knees

sounds perfect to me

sorry you had such a scare, glad he's ok

snafu Thu 10-Feb-05 18:45:35

Sounds like you did exactly the right thing. It's horrible, isn't it?

After all those grape-choking stories the other week I have been super-paranoid (not saying you were, btw!) Ds was in his highchair the other day and all of a sudden went silent and started flailing around with this awful look of fear on his face. I whipped him out of the chair and banged him really hard on the back - he started screaming and I've never been so happy to hear a child scream! Poor thing, think I frightened him more really

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