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Milk teeth

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pixel Wed 09-Feb-05 23:45:46

Hi, my dd is 9 in 2 weeks and has only lost a couple of her milk teeth. I have not been particularly worried as the remaining ones are all healthy and as you never see an adult with milk teeth assumed they would fall out in their own good time. Also thought it might even be a good thing as the later she gets her 'proper' teeth, the longer they would last iykwim.

Anyway, today her school friend turned up looking a bit sorry for himself as he had been to the dentist who had removed (as his mum put it) his 8 remaining milk teeth. It sounded a bit drastic to me (and unnecessary) but now I am wondering if this is common? Do people normally have their milk teeth out if they have not come out naturally by a certain age? The dentist didn't seem concerned at her last appointment btw.

Gwenick Wed 09-Feb-05 23:47:44

my last milk tooth came out when I was 16 (nearly 17) yrs old!! I was supposed to be going to the orthadontist (sp) to get a brace fitted, but when I went aged 15 he told me he would rather wait until my last milk tooth had fallen out and told me to come back in 6 months, the same thing next appointment, and after 3 trips to see him (spread over 1 1/2yrs) I gave up (I'm terrified of dentists so to keep having to go back was AWFUL for me).

jabberwocky Thu 10-Feb-05 00:40:30

I was very slow to lose my primary teeth. I can't remember when I lost the last one but it was at least 9 or later. I wouldn't worry about it. Pulling a lot of teeth early would seem to me to cause problems in alignment with the new ones coming in. Perhaps the friend had cavities that they decided to pull instead of fill at that age?

HunkerMunker Thu 10-Feb-05 00:45:55

My dad had milk teeth pulled out by the dentist and now has three false teeth on a plate because his adult teeth didn't follow. If your dentist isn't worried, I wouldn't be either! But I'd be a bit concerned for the poor boy who's just had 8 teeth pulled out...

pixel Thu 10-Feb-05 10:59:08

Thanks a lot, that's really put my mind at rest. I was beginning to think there could be a problem as all dd's friends have lost most of their teeth but now that I know that other people have hung on to theirs with no ill-effects I won't worry at all.

I felt sorry for the poor boy but even more so now! I don't think cavities are a likely cause as his mum is very health conscious in that way (only water or milk, no fizzy drinks, sweets once a week only etc)and although I wondered if it was something to do with affecting the alignment of new teeth I don't think it was. He insisted on showing me the horrible wounds (aren't 9 year olds lovely!) and there was no sign of anything coming through.

Just goes to show you really do take pot-luck with your dentists. If they are a bit over-zealous you don't find out til it's too late!

Gwenick Thu 10-Feb-05 11:28:47

meant also to add to this I had 4 teeth removed when I was about 8 - due to having a tiny mouth and the adult teeth that 'were' coming through didn't have enough space.........those 4 teeth were among the first to come through as adult teeth though

JanH Thu 10-Feb-05 11:29:22

He's had all his milk teeth out at 9????

DS2 is nearly 12 and hasn't quite lost all his - a couple of them (premolars I think) have come out in the last 6 months. He has had some extracted for orthodontic reasons, but not all at once apparently at random !!!

Linnet Thu 10-Feb-05 11:35:44

My dd (7)has two big teeth growing in and the baby teeth are still hangning in there. We were at the dentist yesterday for a check up and he said that they'd come out in their own good time and not to worry. He also said that he has a patient who's 16 who still has a few baby teeth and he's quite happy to leave them there are he knows they will come out eventually.

Our dentist is very good he says he could take out these two teeth but worries that it would frighten dd so much that she'd never darken his door again, his words not mine.

pixel Thu 10-Feb-05 22:33:15

Well I found out the details. His mum said his teeth were rotten because he had a lot of soya milk when he was younger so mystery solved.

It's worrying really because my ds had a lot of soya milk last year when he was on a GFCF diet and there were no warnings on the cartons.

jabberwocky Fri 11-Feb-05 16:10:01

I just found out (thanks to MN!!) that soya could cause tooth decay. We are working at trying another introduction of cow's milk. Ds seemed to react the other two times but this week has been going well, so I am greatly encouraged.

Lonelymum Fri 11-Feb-05 16:13:32

I was late losing my teeth - still had one milk tooth at 14 or thereabouts.. I have never heard of the dentist removing them unless there is a porblem with spacing. My dentist said what you suggested pixel, that the later you lose them, the better you are at brushing your teeth and therefore the less likely you are to need fillings in your permanent teeth.
That said, my 8 and 7 year old are losing teeth at the rate of knots: both have lost about 6-8.

Eve Sat 01-Sep-07 06:28:47

...the power of mumsnet..

had this exact query and searched!

DS is 8 and has lost of front 6 teeth but no sign of the back ones going, was worried, but its doesn't seem like its a problem.

GodzillasBumcheek Sat 01-Sep-07 22:40:34

Dd is 10 and has only lost the incisors and the pre-molars (just had to search to find out what they were called blush). She was panicking because the molars are now wobbly, but most people she knows have all their adult teeth. She thinks there's something wrong with her! The dentist says she is fine and they will come out when they are good and ready.

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