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Is this a migraine?

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HeadFairy Fri 18-Jul-08 20:25:24

I woke up yesterday with a banging headache, I couldn't move my head and my eyes hurt, to move them or to touch them/rub them. Yesterday at work I felt really nauseous so I took some migraleve (quite late really) which took the edge off the pain but didn't really do much more than that. The nausea has gone now but the headache hasn't. I took some imigran at 3pm but the pain is just as bad. My sister says that a headache behind your eyes is sinus rather than a migraine which is why the imigran didn't work. She said the pain when I move my eyes and pain in my head when I bend down is a classic sign of a sinus infection. I think the nausea yesterday was because it's a migraine. Surely it's no coincidence I've had these headaches at the start of my period (the first periods I've had since I had ds) What do you think?

pinkyp Sat 19-Jul-08 00:06:22

I had bad sinus a few weeks ago and it just felt like i had head ache in my face, behind my eyes, behind my nose, my ears etc. If its just behind ur eyes and on your head then it is most prob mingraine. My partner suffers from these and he uses liquid capsual paracetamol as it works quicker. If u think it is sinus put your head over steamy hot water with a towl round you, this should ease it a little.

Evenstar Sat 19-Jul-08 05:18:46

How old are you? I have had these occasionally associated with being pre-menstrual since I turned 40, my mother suffered this regularly in her 40's. Imigran sometimes doesn't work so well if you wait till the headache is very bad before taking it. If you had a sinus infection, you would probably have a foul taste in the back of your throat/nose and would have facial pain across the cheek bones in my experience of them.

Wilkiepedia Sun 20-Jul-08 22:36:43

I suffer from Migraine. Unfortunately, if you don't catch it when it starts, it can be very difficult to shift and won't necessarily respond to painkillers.

I have just been prescribed Midrid to try (you can buy it over the counter) as the last one I had (4 weeks ago) made me feel like I wanted someone to shoot me. It was horrific.

Nothing else to add really, there is a Migraine Association - maybe they are online - off to have a look...

Do you get flashing lights and visual disturbance? These are symptoms of classic migraine. I don't and my migraine is common migraine.

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