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My 14-week-old DT needs a hernia op at Alder Hey - what can I expect?

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Neenztwinz Sun 13-Jul-08 19:42:07

My DD has a hernia and will need to have an op in a 2-4 weeks. She is a twin and they are breastfed exclusively. What can I expect in terms of the op? How long will it take? How long will she have to stay in for? Will I be able to stay with her with the other twin too? The op will be at Alder Hey in Liverpool.

Are there any questions I should be asking the docs beforehand?

Neenztwinz Sun 13-Jul-08 19:43:20

Not that it matters, but she is 10 weeks old not 14 (I am tired - I have twins you know!)

fin42 Sun 13-Jul-08 21:49:58

If you have a contact number or designated ward call them in advance. I know that siblings staying overnight is not normally encouraged but exceptions can sometimes be accommodated. It may be that she is expected to be a day case any way as I think that hernia ops often are.

madmarriedNika Sun 13-Jul-08 23:28:14

My DS has an inguinal (sp) hernia which was operated on when he was 9 weeks old (he was 10 weeks prem, hernias are very common in prems). We had only just got back home when we had to go back into hospital for the op and I was quite worried about it but they are very routine operations- had been warned that DS would probably have to go under general anaesthetic but instead the sedated him and gave him a spinal block (while letting him suck on some sugary dummy thing!). I didn't see him being sedated or anything- we came onto the ward the night before, no feeds for 12 hrs before op (the hardest part), then just handed him to a nurse just outside theatre. 40 mins later he was back on the ward and BFing like a demon!! He recovered very quickly but because he was prem we were kept in until the next morning, normally babies can go home the afternoon directly after the op. The scar was very neat and healed incredibly fast (dissolvable stitches too). Now aged 3yrs I can barely discern the scar, it's only 2 inches long (stretched as he grew but very fine).

I stayed with DS the whole time he was in hospital, they provided a bed for me in a sideroom on the ward although he was in a bay with other babies. They also supplied my meals as I was breastfeeding!

I would just ask about how long he will be 'nil by mouth' before the op, what anaesthetic they plan to use, and also check arrangements for you to stay inc. meals etc.- and your DD's twin. I would hope they'd let DD's twin stay too as you're BFing and they're still young.

It really wasn't at all as bad as I'd feared and my DS really wasn't that perturbed by it all (except the nil by mouth pre-op!)

Good luck xx

madmarriedNika Sun 13-Jul-08 23:31:18

sorry for the various typos...blush tis late should be in my bed!!

By the way our op was in belfast but I have heard many great things about Alder Hey

She will be fine, promise
But I know I was a mess while my DS was "on the table"- so if possible make sure someone else will be with you then.

daffodill6 Sun 13-Jul-08 23:53:33

DD had an abdominal hernia operated on at approx 9 months - In hospital at 8 am out at 3 pm. Very traumatic for me and DH - general anasthetic - knocked her out - difficult to watch.

Out of surgery after 1hour ish , she sat on my knee for the next 20 ish hours really clinging ... but she was fine. Its just that they;re little.....!

Neenztwinz Mon 14-Jul-08 20:57:22

Thanks for all your replies. Have got a much better idea now what to expect. Hope I don't have to starve her!

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