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Tell Me To Stop Being a Hypochondriac!

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Casmie Fri 04-Feb-05 09:30:29

Is there a doctor in the house who can tell me to stop being silly?

I'm asthmatic, and as lots of asthmatics, my inhaler lives at the bottom of a very overfull bag. Anyway, last night I was a bit wheezy so took a puff on inhaler, only there must have been a small fragment of something inside the inhaler.

Breathe in. Microscopic fragment hits back of throat cue lots of coughing. Probably not an uncommon occurrence.

Anyway, while my throat isn't painful, I do feel a small uncomfortable lump there when I swallow. Dh thinks it's either psychosomatic (sp?) or a scratch (a bit like when you get something in your eye, you remove the object but "feel" it there for a long while afterwards) and I'm inclined to agree with him when I'm not lying in bed in the middle of the night imagining nightmare scenarios of embedded fragments becoming infected

So, I know those propellants in the inhalers push stuff out fast, but fast enough for the fragment to still be there? Am I just being silly? Don't really want to go for a GP visit and be laughed out the surgery...

Laylasmum Fri 04-Feb-05 10:06:34

casmie if your inhaler is old and hasn't been used for a while the powder may have formed some lumps which then got into your mouth. check the expiry date on it.what your dh says about a scratch in your throat is probably right!

onlyjoking9329 Fri 04-Feb-05 10:23:35

before i use my inhaler i turn it upside down and blow into it as i have done the same as you did, i bet it has iritated your throat but will be ok in a day or so

Casmie Fri 04-Feb-05 13:05:54

had forgotten about the lumpy powder thing! Almost certainly was that.

Okay, feel very foolish now and glad I asked here first and didn't turn up at the surgery!!!

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