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Why is my hair falling out?

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highlander Fri 28-Jan-05 17:58:48

I'm sure this has something to do with pregnancy, but can't remember what....

DS is 5mo and I'm breastfeeding. Last week my hair suddenly started to fall out in big handfulls. When I bend over in the morning to chnage DS, he's covered in hair!

CountessDracula Fri 28-Jan-05 18:00:37

Oh yes mine did that. Think is the norm

pedilia Fri 28-Jan-05 18:02:25

It is because pregnancy hormones cause your normal levels of hairloss to cease, when these hormones start to subside the hair you would normally have shed falls out.

my hair thinned teribly with ds1 and just as is started to recover i fell pregnant with ds2, it will grow back but could take a while.

highlander Fri 28-Jan-05 18:11:34


my hair is actually quite thick so I'm looking forward to a thinner bonce!

Catbert Fri 28-Jan-05 18:15:08

mine too... i have these odd short whispy bits at the side and around my temples where it's grown back...

doggiewalker Fri 28-Jan-05 19:08:04

Mine still falls out and my ds's are 11 and 9!

I'm surprised I'm not bald cos there's always hair on the pillow, in the bath, on the bathroom floor, on my shoulders!

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