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Blood in Nappy & Reflux

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dejags Fri 21-Jan-05 07:01:05

DS is a rather large baby - weighed 15lbs at 12 weeks (nearly double birth weight). we were advised by paediatrician that he should be weaned because he was drinking in excess of 1.2 litres of milk a day. We duly followed this advice (with much trepidation on my part).

Anyway he loved his solids and milk feeds dropped substantially - all was well, or so I thought.

He has always been a puky baby but in the last four weeks it has gotten worse and worse. He had a bout of gastroenteritis, which caused what the doctor described as temporary lactose intolerance - we changed him to soya milk. Since then the puking has increased - it doesn't bother him but boy it's pissing me off. Today he has had blood in his nappy - after a week or so of awful mucousy nappies (I put these down to teething).

Anybody got any ideas what could have caused this? Any experiences you have had would be helpful.


dejags Fri 21-Jan-05 07:07:00

PS: I wasn't very clear - DS will be 20 weeks tomorrow. Also, the doc advised weaning at 12 weeks but I actually held off until 14 .

Terrified that we have caused serious food intolerance/allergy - keep thinking that I should have followed my instincts and not weaned. A difficult choice though when the doctor tells you your child's health could be compromised by drinking too much milk [confused]

dejags Fri 21-Jan-05 08:03:05


KathH Fri 21-Jan-05 09:20:08

ds is 16 wks old today. he has reflux. know what you mean about the puking pissing you off - am thinking of launching a new range of tops for mums made from binbags or similar. dont know about the bood thing though - i would give your gp a call as it sounds like its one of them things that could be tail end of bug or could be serious iyswim. someone (just a friend not a dr) said that a lot of babies who have milk intolerance are also intolerant to soya milk and there's a milk which is hypoallergenic which might be worth trying - we are waiting for williams appointment to come through from the hospital so i'm going to ask about it. tbh i'm trying to hold off weaning as long as i can because at least while he's sick at the moment its only milk - dont know if i can face being covered in lumps of goodness knows what.

dejags Mon 24-Jan-05 14:08:25

thanks Kath...

the blood is better - DS is on 2 different types of meds...

puking is unfortunately no better ...

roll on 6 months...

NatureDoc Mon 24-Jan-05 21:29:54

Sounds like a milk allergy to me - I would really get this checked out ASAP.

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