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When to start taking them to the dentist and how to get a dentist?

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OldieMum Wed 19-Jan-05 22:17:36

DD is 24 months old. When should we start getting her teeth checked? And how do we go about finding a good dentist? Our (private) dentist has just retired. I have no particular preference for an NHS dentist or a private dentist, but have no idea how to find a good one who specialises in children's teeth. Any suggestions?

lockets Wed 19-Jan-05 22:21:38

Message withdrawn

OldieMum Thu 20-Jan-05 10:09:00


nasa Thu 20-Jan-05 10:10:23

I don't think you need one that 'specialises in children's teeth' - you jus tneed one with experience. you should start taking her now really, just take her with you when you go and they will check her at the same time. at this age it's more to get them used to it.

SofiaAmes Thu 20-Jan-05 20:58:08

I started taking my ds to the dentist with me for my appointments when he was just a baby. I would always let him see the dentist and sit on the chair. She is very friendly and has kids of her own and would casually try to get him to open his mouth. He was 3.5 years before he would open his mouth for her, so that's when I started bringing him for his own appointments.

Surfermum Thu 20-Jan-05 21:02:40

DD (20m) comes with me to my appointments. We've registered her but so far the dentist has only counted what teeth he could as she didn't keep her mouth open long enough!

He has a dd about 6 months older than mine. What was encouraging for me was that he said that he's a dentist, his wife's a dentist and no, they can't tell me how to win the brushing the teeth battle.

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