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Could anyone recommend some cancer support groups

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Wills Fri 07-Jan-05 11:34:01

As many of you will know my dh has cancer of the bladder that has now been diagnosed as genetic. Having spent the last few months simply coping with the shock of it I think we as a family are just about ready to start looking forward. I'd like to find people in a similar situation to ours that we could simply chat to. Both for me and for my amazingly uncommunicative dh. He would never go to formal counselloring so I'm hoping to find some localish support groups that I could join, bully him into joining and hopefully develop friendships with. Hope you see what I mean . He NEEDS to talk. He's in the middle of his treatment and trying to pretend its not happening. He's in agony but his way of "going" on is to pretend its not there and still slog his way into work. I NEED to talk about what a ratty bastard he's become (because of the awful pain he's in) - hope you understand what i mean.


weightwatchingwaterwitch Fri 07-Jan-05 11:41:21

What about MacMillan wills? Or Cancer support or cancerBACUP .

Wills Fri 07-Jan-05 11:41:51

thanks "w"www

anorak Fri 07-Jan-05 12:07:27

Sorry to hear you are going through this rotten time Wills. Perhaps you can make it to our next meet-up for a bit of light relief? Check out the Watford evening thread. xx

Marina Fri 07-Jan-05 12:09:40

Bacup are wonderful. Why will men not do this for themselves?
You can always chat to us although most of us won't have the first-hand experience of what you are going through as a couple.
Hugs to you both Wills XXX

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