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freezing cold then hot in leg , worried

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melsybells Tue 28-Dec-04 20:49:42

Dh has mentioned it sounds like arthritis. It started a couple days ago, down one
side and feels like Im having really freezing cold air blown on my right outside thigh all the way to knee, its also then fel really hot. NOt sure whats going on as its quite an uncomfortable sensation with aching aswill. Im worried to go to docs , think they think Im a hyperchondriac, as seem to be suffering so many ailments.Thats why ive come on here to ask. Ive got eczma suddenly , chest infections, Ive had a hive break out last couple weeks around thinghs and then the whole body but thats dies down after some Zirtic , just not sure if the leg things to do with that.

Id like to get into healing , as I think my previous PND/ Post traumatic shock syndrome has left me with a bit of a messy inside and its manifesting in all sorts of small bodily issues. I know I shoud get medical proffessionals advice aswill, but Im sick of being given a pill and told to go away . As it all just seems to move somewere else and manifest in some other condition or another. I have a VERY strong feeling that its all connected.

melsybells Tue 28-Dec-04 20:59:21



hester Tue 28-Dec-04 21:01:00

I'm not in any position to give advice, melsy, but my immediate reaction was that it sounds like a circulatory problem. If I were you I think I'd ring NHS Direct just to check out that it's not something that needs to be looked at very quickly, like a possible clot. As I say, I am in no way qualified to pass an opinion, so don't let me scare you!

Kittypickle Tue 28-Dec-04 21:07:14

I don't think it sounds like arthritis. I definitely agree with hester, I'd give NHS Direct a call, just to be on the safe side.

mooncrumbs Tue 28-Dec-04 21:09:12

Have you checked side effects of any medications you are on? Are you on the pill?

whowantstobeamillionare Tue 28-Dec-04 21:12:15

Hi Melsy...have just spoken to dh who has had arthritis for about 4 years, I described these symptons to him and he said arthritis felt like really bad pain in his jopints like a when you hold something in your hand and then you have to drop it because your hand cant hold it anymore...I have this too and the cold sensation thing doesn't ring a are not a hyperchondriac...what are your chest infections as maybe they are the reason doctor but are you under stres at the mo at all...sorry doesn't make much sense but doesn't sound like arthritis imho...hope you're alright

melsybells Tue 28-Dec-04 22:14:03

thnax girls , phoned nhs direct waiting for call back from nurse. Think its probably a circulation issue, but not really sure. Its just a weird feeling and now its spread down to ankle. Weird its only down one side.

hatterselfamerrymerrychristmas Tue 28-Dec-04 22:20:16

melsy - please go to a doctor. There are all sorts of things that are "weird" liek this. It might be nothing but you should get it checked out.

Vickypollard Tue 28-Dec-04 23:44:13

could it be cellulitis? my cousin had this and wasnt very well with it at all (PS: it doesn't just affect cellulite}

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Tue 28-Dec-04 23:47:12

I ditto Hester!!! A circulatory problem was the first thing that sprung to mind with me - I am in no way medically qualified - but would defnitely call NHS direct for reassurance asap. Let us know how you get on.

melsybells Wed 29-Dec-04 09:00:19

Nhs called back at 11;30 ,they thinkit may also be circulation, told me to have hot bath and massage and rest it as much as I could!!! also said zi shouod see gp when I can. So still not sure. Cellutiis sounds nasty eeeeekkkk

melsybells Wed 29-Dec-04 09:11:02

Just spoke to my plumber buidler guy here and he has cellutitis and symptoms are very diffferent to mine. He gets hard lumps were the muscles or vessels block up. Nasty it is.

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Wed 29-Dec-04 09:15:45

Well done on phoning NHS direct. I bet you feel better knowing something. Make the mst of having the rest too - opportunities like this don't come up very often [grin - milk it all you can!!!

melsybells Wed 29-Dec-04 20:00:20

well havent yet gone to gp, mad day in my building site house ,but a friend who has sciatica says she has the exact same symptoms. So it seems NHS direct were on to it , but they are unbale to label any porbelm on the phone. As she said also to have hot baths. rest and painkillers.

melsybells Wed 29-Dec-04 20:00:47

Thanx for everyone checking on me , very kind xx

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