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Spa weekend - where would you go?

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CardiffUniversityNetballTeam Tue 12-Feb-13 17:38:26

Champneys in Tring is absolutely gorgeous but a bit off the beaten track.

A bit further out is Whittlebury Hall just north of Milton Keynes. It's a bit cheaper than Champneys and closer to civilisation but further up the line out of Euston than Tring.

IrnBruTheNoo Tue 12-Feb-13 17:34:57

Had a spa day today - loved it! Crieff Hydro. £60 including use of spa facilities, two treatements and a two course lunch. Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Booklover Tue 25-Mar-08 15:42:04

Many thanks for all your messages, will let you know which one I am going for, decisions, decisions, they all look so lovely and relaxing!

McDreamy Sat 22-Mar-08 12:43:09

Ragdale Hall is lovely. They will pick you up from the train station (Leicester or Melton)

Youcannotbeserious Sat 22-Mar-08 12:40:13

The Grove is lovely... I'm a member there, it's lovely there and the hotel is top notch too....

But, it's more of a hotel and less of a spa, IYSWIM.....

mumemma Fri 21-Mar-08 23:30:57

The Grove, near Watford, but not cheap.

Not been, but heard Chewton Glen is very good.

lisad123 Fri 21-Mar-08 23:30:30

I went to the one at elveden its lush

pinkteddy Fri 21-Mar-08 23:28:18

Centre parcs do spa weekends. The spa at Elveden Forest, Centre parcs is lovely and you've got the use of all the other facilities. Not sure how far away it is from Thetford station though which I guess is nearest.

lisad123 Fri 21-Mar-08 23:25:01


or you could go to Center parcs, some of them have a spa on site, hmmm lovely grin

Olihan Fri 21-Mar-08 23:22:12

Eden Hall near Newark is very good for a day spa. That would be about 2 hours from london by train, I'd guess. I'm not sure if you can stay there though. They have another one near Stafford called Hoar Cross Hall that you can stay at but I don't know what it's like.

MegBusset Fri 21-Mar-08 23:21:23

Pendley Manor in Tring or Nutfield Priory in Redhill are both nice, Careys Manor is lovely too.

Youcannotbeserious Fri 21-Mar-08 23:18:45

I LOVE Stobo Castle. It's just gorgeous, but near Glasgow, so could be a bit of a trek depending on where you are!!

Booklover Fri 21-Mar-08 23:13:01

Any more suggestions?

bluesky Fri 21-Mar-08 17:23:10

Careys Manor in Brockenhurst, 2 min walk from the train station, in the New Forest. Lovely spa, would go again immediately!! Gorgeous food. Brilliant breakfasts. Nice village to walk around. Just a lovely calming place.

sophiewd Fri 21-Mar-08 17:07:18

Chewton Glen in the New Forest has always come highly reccommended

Booklover Fri 21-Mar-08 17:05:17

Planning a trip to a health spa, going for a day spa or staying for one night, depending on the costs. Can anyone recommend a nice spa close to London (about 1-2 hours by train) that is also within easy reach of train station? There seem to be so many out there so it would be good to go to one that somebody recommends.....Many thanks

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