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Quick Query about Brolene Eye Ointment

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GeorginaAdventCalendar Wed 22-Dec-04 17:14:13

Can it be used on a 7 month old?

mears Wed 22-Dec-04 17:25:52

I wouldn't really. If it is a sticky eye, put breastmilk in it.

GeorginaAdventCalendar Wed 22-Dec-04 17:27:13

Hmm... I would but it looks like it's the same infection his brother (3 years) has had this week. Breastmilk made no difference for the first time ever but the ointment cleared it in 2 days.

GeorginaAdventCalendar Wed 22-Dec-04 17:29:24

If I try using breastmilk for the next couple of days and it doesn't clear is brolene the same stuff that a GP would prescribe if we ended up going there for a run-away sticky eye? Very conscious that it's going to be packed at the surgery in the run up to Christmas and that ds1 found this one VERY painful (was waking in the night crying because it hurt so much).

mears Wed 22-Dec-04 17:29:31

What does it say on the tube? I think infections should really be treated with 'proper' antibiotic ointment if breastmilk doesn't work. Not really a fan of brolene myself but if you've found it has worked already, and the tube doesn't say otherwise, then give it a shot..

mears Wed 22-Dec-04 17:30:55

You might actually be able to get it directly from the pharmacist without a prescription. I am sure it is one of the medicines that pharmacists can 'prescribe' without a doctor.

GeorginaAdventCalendar Wed 22-Dec-04 17:31:58

Tube doesn't say either way to be honest - would obviously be happy if it explicitly said "suitable for use from x age".

So is Brolene "proper" antibiotic ointment? (we just went with what the pharmacist recommended for ds1). Will go the breastmilk route first then and hope that I've picked up the suitable antibodies over the last week - just don't want to subject the poor mite to unnecessary pain, he's had a horrible time with it with teething & cold over the last few days as it is

GeorginaAdventCalendar Wed 22-Dec-04 17:32:25

nod - yes it hasn't been prescribed - got from the pharmacy.

mears Wed 22-Dec-04 17:35:04

It does have antibiotic properties if you like but eye infections are usually treated with chloromycetin ointment.

GeorginaAdventCalendar Wed 22-Dec-04 17:38:04

Okay, will use breastmilk tonight and tomorrow morning, then chat to the pharmacist in the morning if it's still looking bad I think.

Thanks mears

jenkel Wed 22-Dec-04 17:56:13

I've got the same problem. My 2 1/2 year old had a sticky eye a couple of weeks ago and cleared up fine with brolene within a few days. Now my 9 month old has one, just started the breatmilk rout but only just. Dont want to have to take her to the doctors and end up in the waiting room for hours.

The only other I can suggest is saline solution, which has worked in the past for me

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