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have i got shingles?

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ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 08:59:42

for the past 2 days i've had sore, sensitive skin (no rash) on an area of my back and one one arm. I've also had a slight fever and feel a bit unwell. could this be shingles?

ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 09:39:09


QuintessentialShadow Sun 09-Mar-08 09:41:26

If you touch it, is it painful, like needles sticking?

That is what the nurse asked me, when I phoned and wondered if I had shingles or an allergic reaction to my new day cream.

ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 09:55:32

it's not as painful as needels sticking in but just very sore and uncomfortable when touched

ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 11:26:34

my eyes are sore and stinging now, especially on one side

Seona1973 Sun 09-Mar-08 11:55:56

nhs direct has this info about shingles

ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 13:25:15

Thanks. Eyes aren't so bad now but still got really sensitive skin in places & still no rash. Anyone else got any experience of shingles?

ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 15:45:57


ohdearohdear Sun 09-Mar-08 20:46:51

another bump...

MrsMacaroon Sat 26-Jul-08 00:44:07

ohdearohdear...was it shingled after all??? I've got these exact symptoms and was wondering the same.

MrsMacaroon Sat 26-Jul-08 00:55:48

i of course mean 'shingles', unless of course Shingle is in fact a verb. 'You've been shingled' has a ring to it....

<has feeling am talking to myself on dead thread...could be the shingles affecting the brain uhoh>

Boboma Sun 27-Jul-08 21:05:32

My DH currently has shingles. It started out like a tingly itchy red rash, a bit like a burn but with little liquidy spots. He thought that he had got a chemical on it (works in a lab). I think that it was 2 days later that it was obviously shingles because it was a definite line down his forehead with swelling only around his eye on one side. He was on anti-virals since it was near his eye. He's been off work for 6 weeks, has had loads of pain, can't sleep and is having eye problems, so I HOPE that you guys don't have it!!

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