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What do you treat chicken pox with????

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nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:10:34

One of my ds friends has been confirmed with chicken pox this morning.
DS (31 mths) has got a runny nose and keeps sneezing could this be the start of chicken pox?
Have read it may be.sad
Does anybody have any tips in case it is?
I have given him paracetamol as he feels so rough.
I have also heard that calamine lotion is too drying and there is an alternative but i don't know what it is.
Dreading him getting a fever as he has febrile convulsions with a high temp.
Any advice will be gratefully taken.

donnie Thu 31-Jan-08 12:12:54

calamine lotion can be drying - have you tried piriton? it has anti histamine so helps with scratching and rashes. If you are concerned about febrile convulsions I would ask your GP - they are worryign, my dd had one so I know how awful they look, does he get them frequently?

bundle Thu 31-Jan-08 12:14:06

piriton good, also can help them sleep if they're itchy
you can get calamine in an aqueous cream base which is a lot nicer than the lotion

gegs73 Thu 31-Jan-08 12:14:23

Hi - ds1 and ds2 had this last summer. Firstly it wasn't as bad as you think and once the spots came out they were both generally fine in themselves but itchy. Neither had a high temp but I guess it could differ from child to child.

You can give calpol/child nurofen as you have done already. You can also give a warm bath with a handful of bicarbonate soda which works like calomine lotion. DS1 screamed if I tried to put calomine on him but was fine with the bath.

You can give piritol to stop itching, but the chemist told me not to give this until all the spots were out or it can pro-long the process.

nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:18:43

donnie he has had three convulsions.The last one was 10 months ago.But i still get so worried when his temp goes up.
Have got some piriton on stand by in case it is.

bundle That must have been the stuff i was thinking of.

Just waiting for the spots at appear.

Psychobabble Thu 31-Jan-08 12:20:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnie Thu 31-Jan-08 12:20:14

my dd1 has had the pox and once the spots started to appear she started feeling better ...fingers xed!

nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:20:31

geggs73 Great advice thank you.Hope ds doesnt get a temp.I can deal with anything else but that worries the hell out of me.

wheelsonthebus Thu 31-Jan-08 12:20:53

agree with bundle - calamine in an aqueous cream base which is a lot nicer than the lotion and much less messy. it's not drying in aqueous form

Porpoise Thu 31-Jan-08 12:25:20

Nobodysfool, my ds3 just got chickenpox yesterday.

Calamine lotion seems fine for him (and he does get dry skin). Also has added bonus that you can 'paint' it on with a paintbrush and turn it into a fun game.

Oatmeal is good for the bath - very soothing. Put a handful in an old sock or pair of tights and run the bathwater through it. Or buy Aveeno (made from colloidal oatmeal) bath stuff.

And yes piriton is good if he seems very itchy. Otherwise good old Calpol.

Chickenpox itching gets worse IMO if you're hot. So turn the heating off/down.

nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:35:39

Thank you all for your advice.
Am i right to think it starts with a cold?

Porpoise Thu 31-Jan-08 12:40:41

I think the cold thing's an anecdotal observation, rather than a proper symptom.

It does start with your child feeling a little (or a lot) under the weather - whingey, tired and perhaps, or with a slight temperature.

I first wondered if ds3 had caught it at the weekend, the first spot probably appeared on Monday (but wasn't blistery so I wasn't sure). Was definitely sure on Tuesday.


TillyScoutsmum Thu 31-Jan-08 12:42:56

My dd had it at 6 months sad.. It started with cold symptons and just generally being a bit grouchy. She was too young for Piriton (12 month plus) but Calpol Night/Medised helped because of the anti histamine. Also did oatmeal in the bath

She was fine after about 4-5 days (spots lasted about 10 days in total)

nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:43:48

Thanks porpoise.
Hope your lo feels better soon.

Porpoise Thu 31-Jan-08 12:45:07

Thanks, nobodysfool.

He's actually on quite good form at the moment - which is bloomin' annoying as I work from home!

nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:45:13

Tillyscoutsmum how awful to get it when they are so young.
Will def try the oats.

nobodysfool Thu 31-Jan-08 12:45:53

Oh dear.not much work getting done then.

Skefton Sun 18-Oct-09 23:33:51

For the oatmeal can I use porridge oats?!?!? My 11month DD has it and is feeling very sorry for herself. Hoping my 2.5yr old gets it and the child I mind?! Must be mad as will still mind her if she has it - hope she's not as grouchy as my little one!!!!!

therealme Sun 18-Oct-09 23:44:43

Large handfull of bread soda in a bath, every day helps dry out the spots.
Keep socks on kiddies hands at night to stop itching brought about by bed heat.
Spots take 4 days to develop, so at end of the 4 days you shouldn't see any new ones.
Once the spots have blistered and dried over to form a 'crust' your patient is no longer infectious smile

alypaly Tue 20-Oct-09 00:31:23

calamine and aqueous is less drying and aveeno sachets (which are oatmeal based)in the bath, will stop the itching

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