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Anyones baby been born with epispadias?

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Mumwithaquestion Mon 28-Jan-08 15:03:31

Think this is the right area to put it.

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fryalot Mon 28-Jan-08 15:12:20

It probably is the right place to put it... sorry I can't help, but I'll bump it for you. Hopefully someone out there can give you some advice

Mumwithaquestion Mon 28-Jan-08 15:24:35

Thankyou very much for the bump. Basically my son has to go for an operation early feb and a laparoscopy but hate the thought of him going under anesthetic *sp. He is only 7 months.

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frazzledazzle Mon 28-Jan-08 15:27:58

My DS1 who is 4 was born with this condition.

I think treatment differs depending on the severity of each individual case,but if you have any questions I'll try to answer them smile

frazzledazzle Mon 28-Jan-08 15:39:38

My son had a repair op when he was 11 months old.

I know how you must be feeling at the thought of anaesthetic it's awful isn't it?

My son will be having a laparoscopy within the next year to see if they can do a bladder neck repair.

Mumwithaquestion Mon 28-Jan-08 15:49:00

Well they think he can hold his wee ok, so we are going for a nappy test first so they can see whether they need to do one operation or another. once they know that they are going to do a laparoscopy to see what going on and then do the operation. Its all abit scary though, another thing is he will only sleep on his tummy and i assume he is going to be ever so tender on that side. I think he can hold his wee no problem so will just be a case of the repair op i think. I didnt realise how scarce it is really as the common one is hyperspadias. So fingers crossed all goes ok. We will be there for a couple of days. Thanks for your reply. Did your son go to London for his op? xxx

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frazzledazzle Mon 28-Jan-08 16:25:21

My son had his op at Pendlebury hospital in Manchester.
I hope it all goes well for your son,I'm sure it will!
It's a positive sign that they think he can hold urine isn't it!

Mumwithaquestion Mon 28-Jan-08 18:18:20

yeah, i hope so too. he is having his at great ormand street hospital. Yeah i am pretty positive he can hold his bladder full so lets hope thats what the results of this nappy test show too. thanks for your help x

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Momwithaquery Wed 16-Oct-19 10:34:28

Appreciate these posts are old but I was just wondering how the surgeries for these boys went and how they are doing now.

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