Biopsy on throat.

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loki5833 Tue 15-Jun-21 16:30:50

I've name changed for this as family know me on here. I had bad news I had a endoscopy and there was a white patch at the back of my throat which I'm having a biopsy on within 2 weeks to see if it's cancerous or not. I can't eat everything I eat I vomit back up, but other than that I feel fine. I'm only 34 so this was a bit of a shock. i have questions what will I need to expect from recovery? and how long will results take? Please I forgot to ask at hospital tia for any replies.

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loki5833 Tue 15-Jun-21 16:34:47

Also can anyone help on what sort of questions I should be asking please?

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BlueFishRedFish Tue 15-Jun-21 21:16:07

I didn't want to post and run. I don't know what the time scale is for biopsies but I would imagine as you're on a quicker timescale, they would process it quickly. I would try not to panic though I know that's easy for me to say!

Did they find out the cause of the vomiting when they did the endoscopy?

Whereabouts is the patch?

loki5833 Wed 16-Jun-21 06:01:32

The vomiting is caused by the white patch, the white patch is on my voice box I think tbh was a little dazed and shocked. Just hope I get answers quickly.

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BlueFishRedFish Wed 16-Jun-21 07:31:07

good luck with it all - I don't want to minimise what you're going through as the vomiting sounds v extreme but dd did have something odd and they did an op and it was something benign. I don't think they can really tell anything till the biopsy has been done but white patches can be a lot in the throat (herpes, other viral infections, thrush etc. etc.).

my mum had throat cancer (which is why we were ultra cautious with dd) so if there was anything you wanted to ask feel free but as there are so many things it could be, I imagine it's better to wait till your biopsy has been done

i hope they see you quickly x

Wildernesstips Thu 17-Jun-21 06:22:37

Hi, my DS had a throat biopsy 18 months ago. It took a good couple of weeks to heal, and he found it quite alarming that he was spitting out blood clots, and that it was still bleeding when he rinsed. However I googled the guidance on what to do after a tonsillectomy.

He needed to eat very soft food for a couple of weeks too. I can’t remember how long we had to wait for the results but I’m sure it wasn’t very long and he was on the 2 week pathway too.

loki5833 Thu 17-Jun-21 18:39:41

Thank you both I hope it's nothing as @BlueFishRedFish said and it's reassuring to hear it can be nothing.

@Wildernesstips thank you for the warning very helpful I'll get lots of soft food in.

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Veterinari Thu 17-Jun-21 18:46:08

Just a thought, if you're vomiting up everything you eat you need to be seen before 2 weeks!

loki5833 Fri 18-Jun-21 08:33:10

@Veterinari I get seen for pre op Wednesday by doctor will tell them then.

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RumblingTumTumTum Thu 24-Jun-21 08:26:22

how did it go @loki5833

loki5833 Mon 28-Jun-21 16:33:25

I've stopped being sick doctors think it was stress and I have my biopsy on the 5th so gotta shield for one week before and two weeks after.

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loki5833 Mon 05-Jul-21 23:22:16

Update I had my biopsy wasn't that bad and I'm recovering well although my tongue and throat are very sore

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Dontsayyouloveme Fri 23-Jul-21 19:54:41

Hope you’ve had the results of your biopsy and everything is ok 💐

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