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Waxlyrically Sat 03-Apr-21 16:49:09

I am struggling with pain & pressure in my back teeth, ear, jaw, cheek and neck on one side. I’ve been to the dentist - all looked ok around my impacted wisdom tooth, (which I assumed was the culprit), although I had slightly swollen gums. I’ve also been to the doctor and was diagnosed with an ear infection. Two sets of antibiotics haven’t sorted it out. I can’t work out what is going on. Can an ear infection spread into gums and jaw? I don’t dare google & I don’t know if it’s a dentist or doctor I need to see but has anyone else had anything similar?

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Everythingiswonderful Sat 03-Apr-21 16:55:00

Do you grind your teeth in your sleep?
I have to wear a mouth guard at night because I grind and end up with tooth, jaw, sometimes my ear & neck pain if I don’t wear it. Always on the right side. It took a year for the dentist to decide that’s what it was and the relief after wearing the mouth guard for that first week was amazing.
I now only suffer these pains if my guard is wearing out and needs replacing.

Waxlyrically Sat 03-Apr-21 17:28:55

Yes I do grind my teeth at night and I also have a clicking misaligned jaw. I wonder if it’s all connected to that & the ear infection is just a coincidence? Is the pain you get a mix of aching, throbbing and burning everything?

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HermionePotter123 Sat 03-Apr-21 18:29:58

Hey, I have this. If your haw is clicking and you grind it is likely tmjd you have. Try to eat soft foods and use heat on the face for a while to see if that helps. An ear infection can't spread into the gums etc but it can cause referred pain there, but like I said it's much more likely to be tmjd, particularly when abs haven't resolved the issue. As PP mentioned a mouthguard from the dentist would be your best bet if you don't get relief after a while using heat etc.

Everythingiswonderful Sat 03-Apr-21 19:55:57

Aching, throbbing & a red hot wire through my front tooth and sometimes all the way up to my forehead!

YellowPurple Sat 03-Apr-21 19:58:44

Look up TMJ

HermionePotter123 Sat 03-Apr-21 21:57:30

@Everythingiswonderful do you mind me asking what teeth get achy? With me it's mostly my molars but unsure if it's solely due to clenching or if I've actually cracked my teeth (already had one lower molar out due to a crack from clenching).


Totallyworthit Sun 04-Apr-21 14:49:31

@HermionePotter123 it is my molars that ache too but, as I grind, I move my bottom jaw forward & back so my top front tooth suffers too. My jaw is really sore today despite wearing my guard last night but I was stressing a lot about work before I fell asleep

HermionePotter123 Sun 04-Apr-21 15:05:53

Thanks for the reply @Totallyworthit. That sounds painful! It really is such a crappy condition. I've not eaten solid food in 6 months. I've noticed that lately my mouth has suddenly been 'snapping' shut when I'm drifting off to sleep. Would that happen to you? Also, have you lost any teeth to bruxism? Sorry for all the questions but it is driving me mad.

Totallyworthit Sun 04-Apr-21 17:44:26

Not lost any teeth @HermionePotter123 dentist initially thought I’d fractured a root I was in so much pain.
I’m not aware of snapping shut but if I’m having a nap on the sofa I’m aware my teeth are clamped tight and my bottom front teeth are pressing hard up against my top front teeth and my jaw, ( area around TM joint? ) is burning.
At night DH says he can hear me chomping on my mouth guard and I am sometimes aware my jaw is opening and closing repeatedly as I constantly bite down against my guard. I guess if I didn’t have it there would be the possibility of tooth damage/loss.

My guard is very overdue to be replaced as the Dentist is still only seeing urgent cases. Since last March I’ve been buying these, I’m buying a new set every 3/4 months. They do take a while to get used to and they advise putting in for 20 mins before going to bed to become accustomed to them. The one from the dentist actually took ages to get used to too but I really can’t sleep without a guard now.

HermionePotter123 Sun 04-Apr-21 18:12:02

That's good you haven't lost any teeth! @Totallyworthit. Definitely seems like the guard is doing the job then in protecting your teeth. My dentist is making me a michigan splint but reviews really vary so a bit nervous about trying it.

Totallyworthit Sun 04-Apr-21 22:11:47

Hopefully it will work for you and give you some relief @HermionePotter123 good luck! 🤞

QueenOfTheDoubleWide Sun 04-Apr-21 22:20:15

I have had a spell a while back of toothache and facial pain which was diagnosed as TMJD.
I tried a mouthguard thing and was still as sore as I just clamped against that so my teeth were a bit cushioned but the joint and my face still hurt so my dentist gave me a little block that clips onto your top front teeth and, apparently, you have a reflex that switches your jaw muscles off if there is too much pressure on your front teeth so when I start to clench in my sleep this makes me stop and it doesn't even wake me up any more smile

Totallyworthit Mon 05-Apr-21 11:40:16

Oooh @QueenOfTheDoubleWide sounds interesting. I’ve just been to google, is it an NTI guard? If I ever get back to see the dentist I would like to ask about other options.

QueenOfTheDoubleWide Mon 05-Apr-21 18:13:03

I've never known the name of it but have just Googled and that looks like it. It has made a huge difference to me, I don't have to use it all the time now, just when I have bad spells

Waxlyrically Mon 05-Apr-21 18:57:25

Thanks for all the advice it certainly sounds like it could be TMJ causing the issues for me. I’m sorry to hear so many others are suffering. It really is the type of pain that can’t be ignored! The only unexplained thing with mine is that is generally better in the morning which doesn’t quite tie in with grinding my teeth at night. Maybe It’s my dodgy jaw/eating chewy food that’s triggering mine? I will try all the things suggested as it’s utterly miserable, especially when you add an ear infection that won’t go away into the mix!

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LadyOfTheCanyon Mon 05-Apr-21 19:04:59

I don't think mine is related to TMJ but this past week I have had not just stiffness and pain in my neck, jaw and temple but also scalp tenderness as if my scalp were bruised ( or like someone had tried to pull out a handful of hair. )

Also throbbing behind an eye like a migraine but not the same. I thought toothache but my teeth in and of themselves have no pain. I haven't slept well for a week before the pain started due to work stress.
Codeine didn't touch it, or combinations of ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Has anyone had similar?

sohypnotic Mon 05-Apr-21 21:57:38

Sounds like TMJ to me too. I suffered with it for several months and had always had a colicky jaw prior to it. Not eating cereal bars helped, so definitely think about what your eating. I found holding a heat wrap on my face helped, and rubbing 4head or tiger balm just in front of ear at top of jaw too. Osteopath also was able to help relax the muscles a bit, I also found using a massager (or vibrator!) on the area helped. Eventually I had a mouth guard made by dentist, which I wore at night for a few months, then all my symptoms disappeared. I don't use the mouth guard now unless it starts to flare up, which hasn't happened now for a few years thankfully.

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