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HansSolo22 Sat 03-Apr-21 14:16:18

Looking for thoughts on whether these are useful or a complete gimmick. I've been looking at Thriva and not sure whether to get one or not. I'm interested in testing for iron, vitamin levels, etc. as I'm always feeling tired but don't want to bother the GP and not sure they would get bloods done unless there was something actually wrong. Thanks

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Heartofstrings Sat 03-Apr-21 14:17:17

Husband picked up an issue using one and is now on treatment. He's a different man with treatment

SardineJam Sat 03-Apr-21 14:18:25

Watching with interest. DH has a myriad of undiagnosed health conditions, which doctors have tested for multiple times, from what I can gather the doctors request testing for a few things which they think the issue may be...does Thriva literally test for everything?

HansSolo22 Sat 03-Apr-21 16:36:51

@SardineJam it asks you a load of lifestyle and health questions then recommends the tests you should have. (Whether that's what actually happens or whether everyone gets the same tests recommended I don't know!). I've just sent off for the vitamin and iron tests so I'll let you know how it goes!

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quiteathome Sun 04-Apr-21 17:16:06

I am watching this with interest. I am quite tempted.

EloiseTheFirst Sun 04-Apr-21 17:54:38

Yes I've done a Thriva one and it was good value. They try and get you to do it every 3 months but I didn't bother.

EloiseTheFirst Sun 04-Apr-21 17:55:30

Getting enough blood out to fill two vials was pretty stressful, though!


aliensprig Mon 05-Apr-21 12:28:59

@EloiseTheFirst how did you manage to fill two?! I could barely fill one and fainted blush

EloiseTheFirst Tue 06-Apr-21 16:58:06

Yes it wasn't easy! I seemed to get more all over the kitchen table than I did in the vials! 😬

EloiseTheFirst Tue 06-Apr-21 16:58:55

I had to use three fingers as well.

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