What is this on my breast? Pic included

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uncertaintimes167 Sun 03-Jan-21 09:36:29

Gp has previously said they are ingrown hairs that get infected that get better with oral antibiotics or ointments.

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Ginfordinner Sun 03-Jan-21 09:33:55

I do get boils and folliculitis very regularly

Has the reason for them been investigated?

uncertaintimes167 Sat 02-Jan-21 21:52:53

thank you for ur response i do get boils and folliculitis very regular but just never on my breast so has been getting me worried and with everything going on didnt want to waste gp time sp was hoping it would get better on its on.

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PandemicPalava Sat 02-Jan-21 21:45:51

I'd say hair follicle with black head on top

uncertaintimes167 Sat 02-Jan-21 21:45:06

Sorry pic attached it didnt allow me to post originally.

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uncertaintimes167 Sat 02-Jan-21 21:41:57

Hi all have had this on my breast for about 6 weeks now not painful or sore just feels rough when touched? was thinking might be a infected hair follicle as i get that quite ofter but never on my breast. will call gp on monday but just wanted peace of mind after scaring myself on google.

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