Any Dentists around?

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Mumbun73 Thu 17-Dec-20 08:34:02

I had a deep filling in August. It has aches a little now and then, been checked a few times and dentist says seems ok.

I’ve had a bad cold and it’s playing up again. Went to dentist again, he did an OPG X-ray this time instead of one on the specific tooth. Everything looks normal.

Some days it’s fine, others it feels odd or aches a bit. He thinks it could be sinuses or night time clenching, which I have found myself doing at times. I can eat on it, it shows a tiny bit of sensitivity to hot/cold but this doesn’t linger and I’d say it was minor. It’s done this since the filling. Feels bit odd when I press on it with my tongue. Dentist said no good drilling it could make things worse.

My cheekbone best nose and below, between cheek and gums hurts to press. I’m absolutely fed up, had a horrible experience last year with an abscess that ended in an extraction, had a face like a pudding for a fortnight.

Thanks if you read this.

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NanTheWiser Thu 17-Dec-20 11:49:15

It does sound as though it could be sinuses if you’ve had a cold. Maybe try a sinus rinse (available from a pharmacist) to clear it out an see if there is an improvement?

Mumbun73 Thu 17-Dec-20 13:35:33

Hiya, I am trying that at the moment. Thanks fir the reply

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