Does anyone have experience of coming off the pill to share?

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seriousandloyal Mon 31-Aug-20 10:25:32

I have been on the pill since I was 18 and am in my 40s now. My children are teenagers and I do not want to get pregnant again.
I have always taken the pill apart from when trying to conceive. I've got on fine with it apart from migraine without aura often before the withdrawal bleed but am really thinking about coming off it now just because I am sick of the monthly headaches. When I was a teenager before going on the pill I had heavy periods and flooding which is the main reason I went on it in the first place so I am worried that this may return.
I have looked at online articles but there seems to be no consensus (eg some women lose weight, some gain, some women's heavy periods return, some don't) and there is more focus on coming off the pill to conceive which is not the case for me.
Does anyone have any experience of coming off the pill and how this changed/did not change your body/feelings/emotional state?

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