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My poor Dad is probably going to have to have dialysis

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bran Thu 04-Oct-07 19:45:28

I think he's a bit miserable as he fears that it will totally limit his lifestyle. He retired at the beginning of the summer and he and Mum have bought a new boat and they were hoping to have lots of trips, but if he has dialysis they're never going to be able to go away for more than 2 or 3 days at a time are they? sad

Tell me some positive stories about dialysis and mobility - how easy would it be to book dialysis in various locations if they do go travelling?

twofalls Thu 04-Oct-07 20:08:09

I have no idea bran but just wanted to say that I am sorry for your Dad. I hope you get some positive responses.

bran Thu 04-Oct-07 20:29:28

Thanks twofalls. smile I think he's particularly miffed that he might not be able to go to Switzerland later this month (not on the boat obviously, what with Switzerland not having a coast). He and Mum went with another couple in May and the day after he arrived he had a stomach ulcer problem (perforated possibly? I can never remember medical terminology) and spent the whole holiday in hospital having blood transfusions until he was sent back to Dublin with a nurse in attendence so didn't get to see anything of Switzerland. He and Mum booked to go on a train tour of Switzerland instead, but now he might not go. The also have a holiday booked in November to Madeira which will probably be off too. sad

vole3 Thu 04-Oct-07 21:15:00

The renal unit at James Paget University Hospital in Great Yarmouth takes holiday patients. Great for exploring the Norfolk Broads and Suffolk coastline.

bran Thu 04-Oct-07 22:39:35

That's really odd - I posted a thanks to Vole3, but it's not here. It's probably on some other random thread. grin

Thanks again vole3, that's worth knowing.

vole3 Fri 05-Oct-07 02:43:09

Forgot to ask if they have started his work-up for dialysis i.e. formed a fistula in an arm. They usually do this a couple of months before they need it to ensure it is ready. If they need to start things quickly they will put in a portacath (plastic tubes into neck vein) but that is more at risk of infection in the short term.

It is also worth getting advice with regard to diet and fluid restriction, so if he follows what they say he may be able to slightly delay the start by being a good boy. Lots of foods are restricted or have to be cooked in different ways to reduce the fluid, salt, phosphorus & potassium intake, but they are usually allowed during dialysis as a treat. As far as I know alcohol is still allowed, but he may have to change to shorts so it doesn't take up so much of his fluid allowance grin

It is going to be a lot of adjustment for both your Mum & Dad, but once they get into the swing of things they will be able to plan what they do and when. It is also worth checking whether or not hospital transport is available as he may feel a bit tired before dialysis and will have low blood pressure afterwards and it will save your Mum having to become taxi driver. He may be lucky and able to do CAPD which gives a bit more freedom.

The final thing to mention (sorry if TMI) is that if your parents are still enjoying an, ahem, 'full relationship' your Dad may find things a bit more difficult due to the medication and the condition. I'm sure the consultant will mention this to them, but I wouldn't want your Mum to think that, in addition to everything else going on, he had gone off her in that respect.

bran Fri 05-Oct-07 19:18:26

They haven't started any of the work up yet Vole3, they're still doing blood tests and stuff. I don't know whether he will be able to do CAPD as he's diabetic and from what I've read on the net the solution used contains sugar and so would upset his blood sugar levels. Hopefully there will be some delay before they need to start, I'm even hopeing that they may be able to change some of his meds to minimise the problem. He takes a lot of meds for various different conditions and they do tend to interact in a nasty way.

On the relationship front my parents have only ever had sex twice, once to conceive me and again to conceive my brother. If anyone tries to tell me differently I will stick my fingers in my ears and sing "La la la" very loudly. wink

saltire Fri 05-Oct-07 22:52:00

bran my dad was diabetic and started off on CAPD. it did give him a lot of freedom. The dialysis was a bit moree tying, but dad had to travel a 4 hour round trip to edinburgh 3 times a week

bran Sat 06-Oct-07 15:44:54

That's interesting Saltire, perhaps he will be able to have CAPD then. At least he won't have the long round trip that your poor Dad had if he does need dialysis. My Dad doesn't do well with boredom though so I expect Mum will have to stock him up with books/audio books etc. Perhaps he would like a portable DVD player for Christmas.

Podrick Thu 10-Sep-09 21:37:10

Bran my dad needs to start is yours getting along?

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