Best exercises for hyperlordosis?

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Shabooma Sat 15-Aug-20 14:37:22

Hi all,

I'm pretty sure I have hyperlordosis. I have the classing sticking out bum, projecting tummy, and exaggerated lumbar curve. I also get lower back ache when walking anything further than about 300m.

However, I don't have the £65 payable for a local physio appointment!

So, does anyone have any good recommendations or exercises for how to reduce the hyperlordosis please? smile

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Shabooma Sat 15-Aug-20 19:17:47

Hopeful bump smile

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Shabooma Sun 16-Aug-20 13:44:51


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Penguin007 Sun 16-Aug-20 13:47:17

Pilates for lower back mobility.

UnaOfStormhold Sun 16-Aug-20 14:09:00

The tricky thing with lots of exercises you're prone to end up doing them in the overflexed position. Yoga is great for increasing body awareness and pelvic alignments but avoid all the backwards bends (cobra, up dog, sphinx, bow) and ensure you limit your moves to what you can do with a straight back (probably won't be much at first). In my case part of the problem is tight hip flexors so it's worth working on them too but again you will probably have a tendency to bend your back instead of stretching the hip flexors.

DaisyArtichoke7 Sun 16-Aug-20 14:49:14

In most areas you can self refer for physio on the NHS. I did earlier this year through a link on our surgery website.

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