Broken front tooth - dentist app a week away

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Carys11 Thu 13-Aug-20 12:39:33

I don't have great teeth but I've found, finally, a very good dentist and am feeling optimistic that things will improve - by and by as a treatment plan is put in place.

Just now, having a tiny piece of bread, I cracked an upper front tooth (a tooth immediate to the left of an upper tooth to be pricise but very visible when I open my mouth). What's come out seems to be a bit of tooth with a bit of filing so it was clearly filled at one point.

The new dentist is away until next Wednesday and I was able to make an appointment for then. But I'm so conscious of it - and fear it might come out altogether (there's not much of it left). I can cope with camera off during work meetings etc for the next week - it's actually worse than a gap - it looks what it is - very broken.

I guess this wouldn't qualify for NHS emergency out of hours treatment? And I wouldn't want the tooth removed just in case the new dentist could fill it again.

Is there emergency tooth filler that might do the job? This has really got me down - I'm working from home but in lots of meetings etc but, especially, because I just beginning to feel that years of problems could finally be put right. Thanks for any advice.

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dementedpixie Thu 13-Aug-20 13:46:51

Which tooth is it, counting from the front? Which bit has broken?

Carys11 Thu 13-Aug-20 20:55:18

It's the small tooth immediately next to the front left tooth - does that make sense? So, very visible.

I think that I'm looking at a large chip (relative to the size of the tooth) in the hard enamel exterior. Hopefully, the pulp isn't exposed and it won't become infected just yet. All that is left is a bit of sharp tooth - hardly any though.

I'm hoping that it's OK to wait until next Wednesday and that if I try the DIY repair kit, it won't what little is left out with it.

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