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I am confused - what is the difference between colic/wind/gripe??

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bumbly Mon 24-Sep-07 16:47:57

dont know what my LO has but today been in tears all afternoon seeing him in pain after feed..he was screaming and has resorted to tiny hourly feeds - he is 9 weeks old and snacking prob to relieve discomfort

am sure gripe water made things worse so on suggestion of mumsnetter went to boots and got colief...but is crying during feed colic? i thought colic was meant to hit in eve?


hv said all normal because he putting on weight

fact he his putting on weight means noone will see him

charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 16:51:46

I have decide that colic is the word used for a baby that cries. There is IMO no single cause of colic or indeed symptom. My second 2 dcs had colic according to the hv and a paedeatric consultant. My youngest is 12 weeks and still cries quite alot. I can't offer much advice except to say this will pass. Hang in there one day you will back and find it hard to remember these days. I promise!!!

bumbly Mon 24-Sep-07 16:52:50

ho did you get to see a paed? I want to see one! have had enough now and cant bear to see my little one suffer so much since birth


charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:07:57

Sorry ended last post abruptly as ds1 and 2 suddenly needed me and couldn't wait!!!!

I have a very sypathetic GP who has gone out of her way to try and help me. I have had an emotional melt down at her twice now maybe that helped.

However, my first GP was much more of the 'It's just something you have to grin and bear' type so never referred me to anyone.
I have tried a craniel oesteopath, gripe water, infacol, colief, cutting things out of my diet, praying...... you name it I've tried it. But I am afraid with my dc's it does seem to be a phase we have to get through.

Some things which helped with my dd was to get angry with the colic and try to focus on that instead of getting angry with her. To not focus too much on getting to certaion points (ie 12 weeks) they are bound to disappoint. Instead I focused on how many weks we had survived. I can't remember an exact time when it got easier with my dd, only that it did sometime between 12 and 16 weeks.

And lastly, something I have had to work on with ds2 is acceptance. I will get through it. I am unlucky and produce windy, unsettled babies. But I am blessed because I produce beautiful, lovely, happy children!!

bumbly Mon 24-Sep-07 17:11:23

he he i am running from computer to wind up mobile all the time

so totally understand

i think i can empathise COMPLETELY with you!!!

thanks for your beautiful too...I have a difficult baby but am not angry at him at all poor thing just at SITUATION


charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:11:51

Read ypur posts again. I know how you are feeling. I worried my dd was goi ng to be emotionally dammaged. She is 2.9 now and so happy and confident. Your lo won't remember. It is hell nobody who hasn'ty been through it can truly understand. But IT DOES END.

charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:14:25

Sorry about terrible typing!!! Another thing to give you hope. My dds colic was hell, but we now have dc3. And I find it hard to remember what those days were like!!

lulumama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:16:51

does he pull knees up, and seem inconsolable?

is it possible he has reflux?

i would see your doctor, as if it is reflux, there are meds that can really help

yes, he might be putting on weight, but if he is unsettled and screaming and there might well be a medical reason for that, it needs checking out

charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:24:38

Good point Lulu, possibe reflux is why my gp sent me to paed. But was just sent home with a pat on the back. I should have been more assertive. I have heard of people who have found that their los dramatically improved after medication. Having said that have heard countless stories of dramatic improvements using methods I then tried, but they never seemed to work for my lo. With mine time is the great healer!!!!

charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:27:15

I did find lying the baby face down across my arm and pacing helped with both my los.

lulumama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:28:38

my nephew had silent reflux, and the meds helped so much , he was in hospital though before he was diagnosed. poor little lamb. but he was a different child after .

charliemama Mon 24-Sep-07 17:38:16

That sounds horrible. I didn't want to sound dismissive of your advice, so I hope I didn't come across that way.

I just got worn down by the constant hoping that this time I have found the answer feeling when my dd had colic and then the huge feeling of dissapointment when it didn't work for her.

lulumama Mon 24-Sep-07 19:02:18

not at all, might not be reflux for bumbly;s ds

sometimes babies are unsettled and cry for no apparent reason

of course, every mother wants a reason and a way to stop it !

Wuppertal Mon 24-Sep-07 20:59:04

my DS had colic from 4 to 16 weeks approx.Same as you I tried evrything under the sun, Infacol, cranial osteopath etc...
In the end my HV suggested it might be a lactose intolerance (temporary) and referred me to my GP. The GP agreed to try him on lactose free milk for a week and it did make a big difference, even though we still had some crying at times. They're not sure if there is a link between lactose & colic but it sometimes help (certainly did for us....
Might be worth a try...

charliemama Tue 25-Sep-07 08:27:29

If you are still watching this thread bumbly I thought I'd squeeze in a quick message before the nursery run!
Hope you had a better night. My ds2 woke 3 times again which is really frustrating as he used to wake only once.
I remember he went into a manic feeding stage at 9 weeks, which has got better apart from the nights.
One more thing I realised with my dd that contstant feeding actually made her discomfort worse and so I tried to make sure I wasn't feeding more than every 2 hours. I tried 3 hours but just couldn't get heer to last that long!
Chin up things can only get better. wink

bumbly Tue 25-Sep-07 11:20:21

thanks charlie

yes eating more = discomfort

yet eating more = growing spurt


typing with LO in arm so keepin it brief

charliemama Tue 25-Sep-07 13:05:23

Hope you are having a better day today Bumbly.

I always seem to be in a constant state of confusion to. Everyone seems to have conflicting advice and then when I try the suggested remedies I'm never sure if they're having any effect, but then I'm too scared to stop in case they are!!

This happened when I put ds2 onto colief, but I finally stopped it at 12 weeks because I was having to express a small amount before each feed and I'd had enough. Is this why ds2 seems to be worse at night now? I don't know but I can't face going back to all the sterilising and expressing!

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